Civil NY Bishops

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Three years ago, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, then archbishop of Washington, gave Wolf Blitzer  to understand that he was OK with same-sex civil unions (though he quickly issued a “clarification” making it clear that he did not actually support them). Are the Dolan-led New York bishops, in their notably mild statement against New York’s SSM bill, sending the same signal?

If there are injustices against those in relationships other than marriage, those injustices can certainly be reformed and corrected in a way other than by drastically redefining marriage.

I’s say so.

  • Asinus Gravis

    It seems to me that is churches want to assert ownership of the magical word “marriage” they need to insist on a strict separation of the civil and religious relationships.
    One way to do that is to insist on the several states disavowing any involvement in marriages, beginning with dissolving everything they have done to conduct, recognize, and/or enforce marriages. Let them call what they do “civil unions,” and to retain all of the current legal rights that used to go with marriages for their newly named “civil unions” alone. Conversely, the churches should be free to marry whomever they want with or without those persons entering into a “civil union.” Those “religious marriages” would carry no legal rights whatsoever.
    If the churches are not willing to do something along those lines, they should continue to perform the “marriages” that fit with their own peculiar rules, and shut up about any other sort of relationship called a marriage that follows from different rules practiced by persons of other religious groups or civic organizations.