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Last week, the Weekly Standard took note of the fact that the Republican party has lately been having a heap of trouble with the least religious segment of the electorate. Naturally, being the Weekly Standard, this fact was not to be attributed to any behavior on the part of the GOP itself, such as its embrace of a conservative religious agenda to appeal to white evangelicals. Author Gary Andres pops the question:

Has the constant drumbeat in the media talking about “culture wars” and
GOP links to conservative Christians since the early 1990s moved
less-religious voters away from Republicans?

But of course it has. The fault, dear readers, lies not with ourselves, but with the Democrat-lovin’ media. Should the GOP do something about disabusing irreligious Americans of this woeful misconception? And if so, what? Andres does not presume to say.

  • Rob Winslow

    Yes, the media are the problem. There are no problems in either public or private life that can’t best be dealt with by leaving them alone. Pointing out abuses, uncovering corruption–all of this is the cause! Better to keep things hidden–wouldn’t want people to be swayed by the truth now, would we?

  • Michael Kessler

    “The real question is whether Democrats’
    strategy to paint Republicans as the theocracy party will mean eternal damnation in the minds of less religious Americans, or if the last few years were political purgatory.”
    Hmmm…Newt must be the general in the army deploying the Democrats’ strategy: “We are in a period when we are surrounded by paganism. And paganism is on offence and that’s why our first great challenge is spiritual.” (just the other day, addressing the Rediscovering God in America conference in Virginia Beach, Va.)

  • Mark Silk

    But of course Newt is. Become ye Democrats,O pagans!

  • Asinus Gravis

    Newt is one of our best known and loved pagans
    Clearly, what he and the leaders of the GOP have been up to for several decades is an alternative to the Christian religion. It is more akin to the pagan Constantinian religion. Its mantra is co-op whomever you can and oppress the rest.