Even at 500, Calvin isn’t slowing down

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(UNDATED) Like most 24-year-old men, Stephen Jones is keenly interested in sin. But while many of his peers enjoy their youthful indiscretions, Jones takes a more, shall we say, Puritanical stand. Last weekend (June 12-15), Jones and 4,000 other young Christians packed into a convention center in Palm Springs, Calif., to hear preachers tell them […]

  • Dan

    There are a lot of people just looking into Calvin’s theology right now. Tons of conferences, books, debate… you name it. For more info on Calvin 500 check out http://www.calvin500.com/

  • Jim Ramsay

    The dispute between Calvinists and other Christians has to do with God’s sovereignty vs. man’s free will. What is amazing is that the implications of both camp’s positions create other equally problematic issues, e.g. How could God be the epitome of Love if he knowingly creates beings that he intends to banish in eternal torment? On the flip side, if God isn’t totally sovereign, then isn’t it ultimately a man’s decision to accept Jesus as his savior that actually saves him?

    Ecumenical movements notwithstanding, if Christians would really follow the admonition of Paul to study and prove for themselves what they are being taught as opposed to simply adopting their church’s position on these important doctrines, perhaps there would be fewer denominations and more unity.

  • Great blog post looking at Calvinism and Missions: http://www.calvin500.com/calvinism-and-missions/

  • dan

    Wonder what Scott Hahn thinks. . .

  • Russ R

    “Neo-Calvinism” is a term that has a specific meaning (the Dutch Reformed intellectual tradition in the line of Abraham Kuyper – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo-Calvinism). Hansen and other authors use “New Calvinism” to refer to Driscoll, etc.