• Asinus Gravis

    As a commtted fifteen-point over-enthusiastic Calvinist and Hobbesian, it is as clear as the wart on your nose that the Southern Baptists are predestined to shrivel into insignificance as a result of their unmitigated hubris.

    Anyone who starts off, as does Chapman, talking about “the inerrant word of God” has combined arrogance with ignorance. There is no more indefensible theological dogma under the sun, or moon, than that of inerrancy. It is internally inconsistent, given what Matthew and Mark do to what is in Mark, or what John does to all three of them, or what Paul does to the Jewish scriptures. Then there is the bastardization job that the pseudo-Pauline author(s) of 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Ephesians, and Hebrews, did to the author of Galatians, Romans, etc. Only an extremely arrogant person would claim to have an absolute corner on the truth about God.