True Baalers

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Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa says PETA and other animal rights activists are “worshipping animals.” In response to a question about those pesky activists who argue that sick cows should not be prodded with electric rods and made to live in cages, Grassley says: “they’re not interested in how good farmers treat their animals. You’ve […]

  • Kam

    This troubles me a great deal. My family have been vegetarians for almost two years, and while we appreciate some of the efforts made by Peta, we are not members. Peta’s guerilla tactics make me nervous, and I feel they would do better in educating the public on animal rights and humane care by not using offensive and radical materials and rhetoric. We are devout Catholics, and we stopped eating meat and inhumane sourced eggs and dairy due to health reasons (unsanitary animal conditions ans addition of antibiotics and hormones, etc.) but also because we feel eating animals is barbaric to some extent.
    If we eat cows and chickens, etc.,
    why not eat cats and dogs and other pets as well? It doens’t make humane sense to me when there are so many healthy alternatives to slaughtering innocent beings God created with love.
    I would never place any animal above humans in God’s heirarchy of creation, and we are also adamantly pro life.
    Why must we be placed in the “crazy” category just because we don’t eat meat or because we support humane care for all animals? I think Peta does more harm than good for the cause of humane animal care, as it now stands. There are other animal rights orgs that are more reasonable, such as “Mercy for Animals”