React to Episcopal decision

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Reaction to the Episcopal Church’s move today to lift a temporary ban on consecrating gay bishops are starting to tumble in. Bishop Tom Wright of Durham, England (perhaps best known on this side of the pond by his nom de plume N.T. Wright) said Episcopalians are “formalizing the schism” created when they elected V. Gene […]

  • Boga

    This is a most lamentable decision. I am an Episcopalian, and I am deeply hurt by the decisions that conform the church to the way of the world. If this were the will of God, would not the disciples have tried to convince Jesus to embrace the pagantry, idolatry and sexual perversion of Rome? No he did not, he in fact railed against it as the example not to live by. And here we are in the American Church of “Me” tailoring God’s word to our political and sexual perversions. Love the sinner hate the sin has been transformed into love the sin hate the objector.

    The schism will rupture the church terribly. This is a bad decision, for it elevates sexual proclivities above the hearts and minds of a very large portion of the congregation. The Anglican Communion should extricate itself from its American arm, and recognize the new Anglican Church in North America. Most of all, the clergy that brought about the split by endorsement of homosexual urges should have the equivalent of an excommunication applied to them.