Birth control puts Catholics in tight spot on abortion

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WASHINGTON — While the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has taken a cool response to many of President Obama’s policies, the one area where the two sides seem to be finding fragile common ground is on the need to reduce the number of abortions. Just how to do that, however, has gotten tricky. Obama and […]

  • allie

    In response to Catholics for Choice and those who may not understand the Church’s teaching against both abortion and contraception…let me humbly attempt to shed at least some light on the matter. Most of us can agree that abortion is wrong and we in no way shape or form would choose abortion. Therefore, it just makes sense that, duh, you use birth control to prevent ‘unwanted’ pregnancies, right? Wrong.

    Most people (myself at one time included) do not realize that almost all forms of birth control cause chemical abortions. The woman on the pill or IUD is just not aware that she has just aborted her conceived child on any given month. This is fact and it is not being told to women.

    Also, birth control has been proven in almost every study (20 out 0f 24 with the 4 others not having a suggestion either way) to increase by over 56% the risk of breast cancer, cervical and uterine cancer and heart attacks in women…among many other health problems brought about by infusing a huge and unnatural amount of chemicals into our bodies…and also by messing with our natural cycles.
    It is also true that married people using contraception are over 60% more likely to divorce than those that use NFP or nothing at all.

    It is interesting to note that the Pink Ribbon/Susan G Komen Foundation is a big supporter/contributor to Planned Parenthood – who obviously is the biggest supplier of contraception and abortions and supposed “women’s health” services. However, because studies have proven that the pill and abortion majorly increase the risk of breast cancer in women – the Komen Fdtn is actually supporting breast cancer by association. It makes no sense, but please check it out people, it’s the truth and we aren’t being given the facts!

    So what should we do?

    NFP (Natural Family Planning)
    It’s not the old rhythm method anymore…and actually it is MORE effective than birth control (99% versus 96-97% with the pill). True, it is definitely something that takes an adjustment to your way of thinking and acting, but it is soo worth it and it actually frees you. My husband and I practice NFP and our marriage is stronger because of it. The respect we have for each other and our communication (and attraction) improved so drastically in such a short period of time. And no, we don’t have 42 children. We have actually been MORE in control of my fertility than before when we used various means of contraception. However, we are remaining open to God’s will in our lives and the gift of children if he blesses us with more… and let me note that up until the 1930’s ALL Christian churches were absolutely opposed to contraception. So what happened? Can we say conforming to the world and the “easy way” instead of conforming to Jesus Christ? And by the way NFP is increasing in popularity and most couples that I know in the Church are ditching the pill and going with the Church teaching on this!

    Not to mention the fact that if you are a Catholic practicing birth control it is not only horrible for your health, causing up to 3 abortions/year and harming the sacramental bond of your marriage. But you are also living in mortal sin and if you are intentionally denying the teaching of the Church you are really putting yourself in a dangerous place. You have actually excommuincated yourself even if you are still showing up for mass. Please pray about this and consider NFP-call your local Couples to Couples League member and ask them questions. Actually read Humane Vitae and see for yourself if the wisdom of the Church didn’t predict the social ills of the day. And please do not make your decisions based on Catholics for Choice and these other heretical groups that are actively promoting dissent against the Pope and the Magisterium. They are not looking out for your best interests and it is YOUR soul and salvation and happiness that is being put in jeopardy.

    Trust the wisdom of the Church teachings, love your Church, read the Bible, read the Catechism, turn away from sin and lies, and get informed. Lets get the truth out and look out for each other!

    May God Bless you!