Palin down, Huckabee up

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WaPo’s lede on its new poll is that Sarah Palin’s favorables are down with the American public. That’s news? We’re talking about a decline from 51-46 unfavorable last October to 53-40 now. The actual bad news for Palinites, if not for Sarah herself, is that  Mike Huckabee is now the 2012 front-runner among Republican and GOP-leaning voters at 26 percent, with Mitt Romney next at 21 percent and Palin at 19 percent. Worse, Huckabee leads Palin 2-1 among white evangelicals. I won’t say I told you so, but at the moment 2012 is looking very Huckabee-Romneyish.

  • Very interesting as the Evangelicals with whom I speak regularly really have no love for Mormons. That’s because they bristle at the general media conception of Mormons being Christian.
    Perhaps even more interesting is what the “Obama years” will do to the Evangelical GOP vote at time when the Evangelical community itself wrestles with engagement over “liberal” issues such as the environment and public education. That’s the real story — in my view — as to what’s happening to Evangelicals in America.
    In large regard that is because when you take a broad classification of between 50 million and 70 million (depending how you count) Americans out of 300 million you actually become the mainstream. Not only that, but you obviously have different camps emerging.
    Thanks for the fodder Mark.

  • OFT

    Depending how things slowly implode, Huck/Rom should win the next election fairly easily. If the Church understood the “true” Obama, he won’t get those nominal Christians in the next election.
    Huck is a true Christian that should win the election if he tells America he will keep jobs here, refering to Obama’s inaction. If Huck stays will the status quo of sending jobs overseas, he, or Romney doesn’t have a chance.
    Mobilizing the Evangelical base, by outlawing murder by abortion, i.e. not signing those crazy health service bills, keeping jobs here by standing up to China, and prohibiting Gay Marriage, should win the election.
    The evidence shows, the Church gave Obama the victory, especially in: Indiana, Ohio, N.C., Virginia, and Penn.

  • Mark Silk

    Do you mean a Huckabee-Romney ticket, or a ticket headed by either one? I suspect the former. Do you think “the Church” will support a GOP ticket with Romney on it, as either the presidential or vice-presidential candidate?

  • Huckabee is indeed a very likable guy, very engaging — reminiscent of both Reagan and Bush II in their campaigns. However, he is more driven by religion than any of them.
    So the questions will be who he has as his key advisers. Will it be old “Cold Warriors” whose foreign agenda was largely shared with religious conservatives, or will it be religious conservatives themselves who posit their stands on theo-political views?
    Where will folks such as Eliot Abrams, Bill Bennet and Newt Gingrich (the quadrennial “never” contender) hang their hats? They are all experienced and serious people who have political acumen to match credentials in the conservative and religious communities. (With Abrams, Conservative Judaism that is as that’s where he hangs his kippah.)
    I will be keenly watching Huckabee’s interactions with Jewish groups over the next three years.
    And, of course, this is vastly too early to begin speculation.

  • OFT

    From what I’ve read and heard, I few years ago Romney, flip-flopped on abortion. Both are going to want the nomination, but wouldn’t the backlash to Obama and Congress, give the advantage to Huck?