What would God do?

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As religious groups line up on both sides of the health care reform debate, Oliver Thomas has an interesting look at what various scriptures say about caring for the sick and the needy. “Our Scriptures were written long before talk of deductibles, pre-existing conditions and single payers,” he writes. “But indirectly, the Christian, Hebrew and […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    The author could, and should, have pointed out that according to the books of prophets such as Amos, Jeremiah, and others, providing for the poor was not primarily an individual, voluntary, responsibility. Their message was addressed to the nation’s leaders. They pointed out that because they did not care for the poor (among other fundamentals), protect the poor from exploitation by the rich, the entire nation was to be destroyed–with the political and religious leaders to be killed or taken into exile. It was a national problem, issue–not an individual one.

    Jesus’ kingdom of God was a society in which the least are taken care of first. It flips the Roman political model upside down. Again, it is not an individual matter.