How the Amish Saved Civilization

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If the Internets has taught us anything, it’s that, in the near future, no one will be able to read ink on a page. Newspapers will be delivered to inboxes, not mailboxes; books will be read on Kindles, not leaves; and the silver screen will satiate our need for stories. Only one group can stop […]

  • From personal experience I can tell you that the Amish are voracious newspaper readers. Way back in 1975 I started, in partnership with another guy, a weekly newspaper in a small valley in in central Pennsylvania populated largely by Amish and Mennonite families. The former local newspaper for the area had died with its editor/publisher. When we came along, with many of the same features as the old paper, the Amish subscribed in droves. And they were our most loyal readers. I no longer own that paper, though it continues to publish every week, but I am sure that many of the Amish who first subscribed to it 34 years ago remain readers.