Lionizing Ted

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There is a phrase obituary writers use to describe the human tendency to “de mortuis nil nisi bonum,” or, speak no ill of the dead. They call it the posthumous parallax, and define it “as a bending of life histories toward all that is light and wholesome, away from anything that might reflect unfavorably on […]

  • Robert

    I say as a Catholic – No one can declare with certainty the end of one who dies, whether he goes to hell or heaven. On the other hand one can say that considering the evidence and life of that same person he most probably lost his soul for all eternity or was a candidate for heaven. As a Catholic, if Ted Kennedy made a last confession, if he confessed his sins, had at least implicit remorse, and the intention of penance, he might well have saved his soul. On the other hand, for his support of abortion, homosexuality, feminism and the destruction of the family, for his invalid second marriage which purports a life of adultery, for his championing of anti-catholic and anti-Christian principles,for his sacriligious communions, he might very well have lost his soul for all eternity, save that he confessed, remorsed, and intended penance. Outside the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church there is no salvation. You must die a Catholic in the state of grace in order to save your soul. Being Catholic does not guarantee salvation, should a Catholic die in the state of mortal sin, unrepentant of his sins, or even one mortal sin committed in life, that Catholic goes to the deepest and most severe hell because he was given the truth and the responsibility of that truth is enormous.

  • Randy

    The statement, “Outside the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church there is no salvation” tells me about all I need to know about Robert. Surely a merciful God will look with more favor on the life of Ted Kennedy than does a Robert, who divides persons handily into two categories, the righteous and unrighteous, and undoubtedly considers himself to be among the former.