At online Catholic forum, no question is too bizarre

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(UNDATED) When you give your group a name like Catholic Answers, you’re bound to draw some puzzling questions. Such as: “Is my son going to hell for spitting out the Eucharist?” “How do you sooth an angry Episcopalian?” “If we start a Catholic colony on another planet, should we bring bishops?” And yet, the team […]

  • Vince Perry

    Catholic Answers has the #1 rated catholic radio show (“Catholic Answers Live”) and the most active catholic forum on the web. is among the top ten most active catholic websites in the world. But I also want to say, personally, that Catholic Answers has enabled me to discover an unbelievable freedom: the ability to confidently share my catholic faith with anyone. With God’s grace, I can now reach out to anti-Catholics both inside and outside the church, dialogue with protestant ministers and help to bring family and friends back to the life-giving sacraments. I discovered that Catholics will not share what they can’t adequately explain, defend or find answers about. Now I tell friends that if you can graduate from high school and find you can have that same freedom I now enjoy. During the last 6 years, I’ve purchased, displayed and given away free over 10,000 Catholic Answers tracts (see their online library and store) at our county fair and at church. I’ve seen just how hungry serious Catholics are for apologetics. Thank God for Catholic Answers!

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