Profile of the Nones

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Nones.jpegThe latest report is out from the 2008 Trinity American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS)–a profile of the country’s no-religion population. For political junkies, the big news is that whereas in 1990, Democratic Nones outnumbered Republican Nones by just 4-to-3, they now outnumber them nearly 3-1. That’s because virtually all the new Nones–those born after 1973, have become either Democrats or Independents.

In broad terms, while the Nones have  increasingly come to resemble the rest of the American population in other respects (age, education, income, race, ethnicity, etc.), they’ve become more differentiated politically. I.e. Those who have come of age after the Republican party established its congressional majority in 1994 have stayed away from the GOP in droves. There’s lots of other fascinating data in the report as well. Check it out.