Next week, blasphemy gets its own holiday

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TORONTO — You’ve never seen Jesus like this before: dripping red nail polish around the nails in his feet and hands, an irreverent riff on the crucifixion wounds. The provocative title of the painting: “Jesus Does His Nails.” Blasphemous? Absolutely. Deliberately provocative? You bet. It is part of an upcoming art exhibit in Washington that […]

  • a fan

    Wow! Dana’s work is very strong and meaningful. she is going to be very famous. I am a fan!

  • Gorgolian

    The idea of bashing other peoples’ beliefs only terminates the necessary respect that should remain between those who believe in Deity and those who believe in non-Deity. This is, imho a hate act

  • curious george

    no lie. where was this ladies mother when she was a little girl?? where does morality come into play in her life??? atheist’s are just simple people that have not been willing to find their unity and peace in life with God. id like to know what their believe is about humans arrival to this world?? how did we get here, who made us, according to them???

  • Christopher Bradley


    Since when do “those who believe in a diety” have the slightest TRUE RESPECT for ANYONE? They can keep their surface politeness when they work night and day to elect officials who start unilateral wars with people whose religions are different from theirs, rip civil rights from gays and give people the death penalty, many of whom are innocent, but didn’t have the money for a proper defense. This is their “respect”.

    Maybe the people who don’t believe in a diety have [EDITED] HAD IT.

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  • Christopher Bradley

    Curious George–

    You don’t need to believe in a diety to have morality. Just like, if you think for half a second, believing in a diety does NOTHING to guarantee a person has a SHRED of morality.

    They’re not connected. In any way.

    And saying “I don’t know” to where the universe came from is a better answer than “Santa Claus made it out of Candy Canes” or whatever the hell other nonsense people come up with so they don’t have to sleep with the lights on.

    Saying “I don’t know” when you don’t know, and CAN’T know, is a noble and beautiful and honest response. Living in questions rather than (ludicrous) answers is a beautiful and honorable way to live.

  • Noisiv

    As an advocate for abolishing censorship of any kind, I even as a Christian do not condemn what takes place every year on Blasphemy Day. Mainly due to the fact that according to the book I read, it is not for me to judge or condemn someone’s actions lest I will be judged.

    Why would I dare to point out a speck in one person’s eye when I have a plank in mine. (To summarize the words of Jesus Christ)

    As far as the respect issue goes. It is my contention that most of the people claiming to believe in God, yet bitch and moan about what others are doing to cripple this nation or use their political influence to attempt a hostile takeover of the world with their religious ideology, do not understand what it means to be a follower of God. And clearly point to their ignorance when these people whom Christopher refers to, act the way they do.

    To presume that morality or conviction is relative, is both dangerous and naive. Understand that two contradictory beliefs cannot be right at the same time. It goes against logic and reason.

    Gorgolian — Good luck proving this to be a hate act in a court of law. I appreciate your passion, but believe it can be better spent on other things. Also, way to sensationalize the matter.

    Curious — I hear ya, but understand that even without God, agnostics and atheists alike can easily justify how we got hear by simply calling this whole thing a big cosmic accident or as Christopher pointed out, shrugging their shoulders and saying “I don’t know and I’m not arrogant enough to presume to know with absolute certainty”.

    Christopher — I understand your sentiments, although I feel in your initial statement you are attacking a group of people that do not speak for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus etc…
    There are a lot of radicals out there that take a religion which can be so beautiful and twist it into something so ugly.
    Christianity and Islam are great examples of this.
    In addition to that observation, settle down. I think you have over exerted yourself. ; )

  • Laurie

    It is God you mock. I feel very sad for all of you artists who use the gifts God gave you heap insult instead of using your talent to create beauty and contribute to peace. What is inside the person comes out in a work of art and what is inside these people is all malice and contempt. Very sad.

  • It is written in the Bible (Gatians 6:7):
    ” Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    Here are some men and women who mocked God:

    Some years before during his interview with an American Magazine, he said:
    “Christianity will end, it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I am certain. Jesus was ok, but his subjects were too simple, Today we are more famous than Him” (1966)”.
    Lennon, after saying that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, was shot six times.

    During the Presidential campaign, he said if he got 500 votes from his party, not even God would remove him from Presidency. Sure he got the votes, but he got sick a day before being made President, then he died.

    During a show in Canecão ( Rio de Janeiro ), whilst smoking his cigarette, he puffed out some smoke into the air and said: God, that’s for you.
    I can’t even explain how he died.

    After the construction of Titanic, a reporter asked him how safe the Titanic would be. With an ironic tone he said: “Not even God can sink it”
    The result: I think you all know what happened to the Titanic.

    She was visited by Billy Graham during a presentation of a show. He is a preacher and Evangelist and the Spirit of God had sent him to preach to her.
    After hearing what the Preacher had to say, she said:
    “I don’t need your Jesus”
    A week later, she was found dead in her apartment.

    The ex-vocalist of the AC/DC. On one of his 1979 songs he sang:
    “Don´t stop me, I´m going down all the way, wow the highway to
    On the 19th of February 1980, Bon Scott was found dead, he had been choked by his vomit.

    In Campinas, a group of friends, drunk, went to pick up a friend. The mother accompanied her to the car and was so worried about the drunkenness of her friends and she said to the daughter – holding her hand, who was already seated in the car: “MY DAUGHTER, GO WITH GOD AND MAY HE PROTECT YOU”,
    Hours later, news came by that they had been involved in a fatal accident, everyone had died, the car could not be recognized what type of car it had been, but surprisingly, the boot was intact.
    The police said there was no way the boot could have remained intact. To their surprise, inside the boot was a crate of eggs, none was broken.
    Many more important people have forgotten that there is no other name that was given so much authority as the name of Jesus. Many have died, but only Jesus died and rose again, and he is still alive.

    People I’d really appreciate it y’all would seriously consider the approach you take towards God. How you relate with him, what you say about him, what he means to you… I could go on and on but I trust that you’re smart enough to figure out the rest on your own.

    Someone once said,

    You don’t have to be a genius to go to heaven, but to go to hell, you have to be really stupid.

    So folks, it’s entirely up to you how you want to swing it, Will you go like Bon Scott of AC/DC down the “highway to hell” or will you climb the Stairways to Heaven. Think about it.


  • Skinny

    Interesting. The date of the observance of Blasphemy Day is chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the Danish cartoon mocking Mohammed. Yet, young Dana chooses Jesus as her target. Interesting. Very brave.

  • Tony R

    “My point is not to offend, but I realize it can offend, because religion is such a polarizing topic,” Ellyn said of the exhibit.

    my point is not to judge, but you are going to hell ellyn.

    see how dumb it sounds……

    anyone want to guess who’s pictures will be absent from the blasphemy fest?

  • Pamela

    I am a firm believer in God, the gift of free will (though sometimes it seems more of a curse), and free speech, so they can do what they will, as long as my tax dollars aren’t supporting this garbage by way of the corrupt NEA. However, please be honest. Not trying to offend…What a load of rubbish. If they don’t believe in Jesus the Christ, and they aren’t trying to offend those who do, why else make such offensive ‘art’? Who gives that much thought to something they don’t believe exists? These people are the haters and I pity them. They are committing the only unforgivable sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit. By blaspheming in this way, they are trying to change people’s minds, hoping to embarrass them into silence… If one person who is on the brink of believing choses to walk away because they are too weak to stand the ridicule, that person’s soul is on this woman. God have mercy on her.

  • Jacques

    Peter Petras,
    In the same kind of fates you described, I knew a very atheistic woman whose son once told her that he wanted to become priest.
    Her immediate reaction was: “My son to become a priest? Wow, I prefer to die than to see that” She died one month later…

    I would like to have the e-mail address of Dana Ellis, indeed talentuous in blasphemy, and suggest this “artist”, to take a second step in her “works” in depicting the prophet Muhammad, for example (just a suggestion…) eating pork. I doubt she will like in sharing the fate of Salman Rushdie

    Such persons are so courageous now that the Church has shrunk and has been humbled, now that the Holy Inquisition Court has been abolished (thanks God), in ridiculing defenseless Christian faithfuls in their Faith. They don’t take risks too much
    That’s very easy to laugh at something when being assured there will be no retaliation.

  • Helene Pineau

    “causing offense is not the intention” ??? really!

    I am a Catholic and I am offended.

    If this artist mocked Blacks, handicapped people, women, etc. in the same way she mocks Christianity and its founder, she would have the entire secular media and special interest groups denouncing her.

    Let’s call a spade a spade, as Gorgolian pointed out, this is hate speech.

  • Remember Prayer

    If I recall the Lord said to pray.I am a firm believer in prayer,I have had many prayers answered in my life time.If Christians get angry and throw fits about their blasphemy day,then they have given these people who enjoy blasphemy what they wanted in the first place,pure joy in seeing a Christian angry.So how about having a prayer day against blasphemy on the same day they have chosen for their blasphemy day.Sounds like a good idea to me.

  • Dan

    “Mainly due to the fact that according to the book I read, it is not for me to judge or condemn someone’s actions lest I will be judged.”

    Depends what you mean, noisiv. We can certainly judge someone’s actions (e.g., murder, thievery, slander, etc.). What we cannot judge is their hearts. In other words, we can and should judge the what, but leave the why up to our Lord.

  • Jennifer

    Jacques- Interesting story, what was your point? Was her son to be ridden with guilt because she condemned herself to death? I don’t get it.

    Peter Petras- I loved what you posted. Thank you, it was an affirmation and a reminder to Thank God for the life He has given me and to pray for those who mock Him.

    Tony R.- I couldn’t agree more. “We’re not seeking to offend…” never mind that is the obvious outcome, but we’re not seeking to offend. Is that what someone would say, “I don’t mean to offend you, but you are really fat and ugly, you really should reconsider coming out of your house every day, you know no offense or anything.”
    “Oh, in that case, no offense taken. Thank you for you non-offensive words.” Yeah right.

    I wonder how many “works” blaspheme Muhammad? I believe Jacques is rather ‘spot on’, one is much more brave to pick on Jesus or another Christian, since they are known for their retribution. Much like those demonstrating against Prop 8. Islam’s remedy is death, Mormon’s oppose marriage- so let’s hold a “kiss-in” and protest the Mormon’s, at least we know we won’t be beheaded. Oh the brave pioneers who work so hard to break down the barriers of, what did you call it Noisiv, “censorship of any kind”? March on brave ones, march on!

  • andrew

    So, for International Blasphemy Day–and, holding it on the same day when adherents of Islam were outraged several years ago–is artist Dana Ellyn uncouth enough to include more blasphemies against Islam, or proud enough to discriminate only against Christianity who also reveres One, Almighty God. Dana Ellyn, the Lord rebuke you and your work.

  • Jacques

    Jack and Andrew,
    If you are in the US, I think you can find the e-mail address of this poor woman and spread it in order to send her a flood of protests, recommending her to make pictures of the muslim’s prophet (of course with no intention to “offend”).
    Frm France it’s more difficult

  • Paul

    Dana Is just another non believer in an endless procession of Christian Bashers. Like all that came before her, some day she will be gone and Christianity will be presented with new “Danas”. People shouldn’t get upset with her, we should pray for the conversion of her soul. She is obviously talented. I will pray for wisdom and guidance to go along with those talents.

  • Tom

    The best thing to do is to ignore such trash.

    If there is a God, as I certainly believe there is, and if Jesus is God and Savior of every human who has or will ever live, then the judgment of such things will be done by Jesus and the artist will have to stand before Christ to answer for those heinous sins. If, however, there is no God, then it will not make a bit of difference what work the artist does.

    It is a huge gamble…yet everyone is free to take the gamble in whichever direction they desire…Heaven and Hell waits on the other side. Choose wisely.

  • momanddad

    This is outrageous! It definitely shows the lack of talent for these so-called “artists” – I think not!!!!

  • DanSh

    no need to worry, there are so few truly talented artists today the only way they can get any attention is through shock. They get their 15 minutes here on this earth and eternity to wish they could take it back.

  • ppea

    As a true believer, I pray for those of you making such harsh judgements of the artist. She is a simple child of God. Please find it in your hearts to love instead of hate.

  • Dawn

    Just like atheists, liberals, etc: Call evil “GOOD” and call those things that are “HOLY” as “EVIL.” How is this comparison? Call “blashphemy” as “ART” and “Freedom of Expression!” Call Jesus and Christianity, as “starters of War” and primarily responsible for ALL the evils of society, both past and present.” But what these “hateful” and I do MEAN hateful people conveniently forget…..IS that within the timeframe of history, the majority of ALL the “holocausts” done against humanity has been in the name of these isms: Communism, Fascism, and Liberalism! Remember the Gulags of Stalin! Remember that Mao of China intentionally killed at LEAST five million Chinese through careless agrarian experiments and governmental policies! Remember the “Killing Fields” of the Communistic Kymer Rouge! Remember that even now in North Korea, the WEST has to send food to that nation because of reports of mass starvation of their people! And how about Liberalism? Since the onset of “abortion on demand”, the “one-child policy in China”, and the “advent of using ultra-sound to determine the sex of the baby, commonly used in India and China, there has been an estimate of at least 60 billion fetuses aborted worldwide! Because of the “one child policy” that has been in effect in China, there are NOW six million missing females in the population and there is already a shortage of available females in marriage which is leading to kidnapping of marriageable females in both China and India! Facism in the form of Nazism has destroyed six million Jews because of Eugenics, which are conveniently repackaged as “population control”, so ardently supported by the the United Nations and many governmental agencies which support and actively promote a “one world government!”

    This kind of “Art” is the statement that Satan used, “I will NOT serve!” AND, as some people pointed out……many famous people who decided NOT to serve God and made blasphemies against Jesus…….met deaths, that were BOTH “ironic” and “violent in nature.”
    As far as Satan goes……I have YOUR allegience and will give to you both fame and riches….but there will come a time in your life that “payback” is coming, and Your soul will be mine! Rest assured, that Satan IS going to claim his “property”, and that property is your eternal destiny! As Jesus said, “God will NOT be mocked.” There will come a time in ALL people’s lives, whereby, whether it is here on earth, or after death, judgement on that person will render that person’s blasphemous behavior(s), oaths, blogs, etc. will MEAN nothing! Without the presence of God, life is expendible, meaningless, and ONLY relevant with regards to political or eugenic dictates!

  • listen

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you .”(Matthew 7:12)

  • Maryellen Ortiz

    In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out satan from this woman and pray for her repentance and salvation! Amen.

  • Tom

    There seems to be many people that have the wrong understanding of the prohobition against judging. We are, of course, supposed to judge another person’s action, we cannot judge the state of their souls. No-one here is judging the state of the artist’s soul, yet the artist’s actions through the work is horrific.

  • DanSh

    Sorry but if she’s not a born again believer in Jesus Christ she’s NOT a child of God. Scripture is very clear about who belongs to God and who doesn’t. see John 3; John 14:6; Gal. 3:26

  • jansen

    Where is the artists rendition of Mohammed? Are they going to do a spread on the Muslims? NO! Only Christian bashing for these wanna-be artists. Will they make the Dali Llama be portrayed as a frog, or Budda made to look like a drag queen? or anything? Of course not. You are just a bunch of weasels that haven’t the spine to do anything besides “Christian” bash. You are a bunch of hateful, spiteful and evil lovers of death. May God have mercy on your souls.

  • Jennifer

    Way to go Paul, Tom, momanddad, Dad Sh, and Maryellen Ortiz. Dawn, wow, well said. ppea, seriously? Who said anything about hate, except you? Most everyone else is expressing disappointment, frustration and anger at hypocrisy and many are praying for her soul. What better love could one ask for?

    Many well spoken, articulate, intelligent folks posting on this board that I am proud to be associated with- Thank you.

  • Jake

    Just wondering if any of the commenters here who condemn this artist had the same condemnation for the cartoons of Muhammad which raised such ire in the Muslim world? Was that freedom of expression? Or does freedom of expression only apply to art about other religious traditions?

  • Monica

    I love you Jesus! I love you and I wish to stick up for you! I will defend you forever just as if they were blaspheming my husband, child or parent…I love you and what they are doing to you makes me sick. It is like crucifying you all over again. Please know that there are those of us who weep and are disgusted by this sin. Jesus, you shower me in Grace I do not deserve, and send me gifts that I do not merit. You know how much you mean to those of us that care! Jesus Christ means everything to me!

  • Freethought T

    Amazing thought!

  • Freethought T

    I believe this is a great idea to make art more beautiful and by erasing religions from the dark minds, peace will prevail!

  • Free Expression

    Please remember that blasphemy is a victimless crime. Religion should not hold a privaleged place in society. It should be open to critism just as every other area of human interest.

  • Jimbo

    Blasphemy day is important because it reminds those of us who have a relationship with God that no man made set of rules or regulations is infallible and in fact most directly contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ as outlined directly in the Bible or (insert your deity, chosen prophet, and book of worship). Dana is not a Christ basher and is certainly not “anti Christian people”. Her work clearly shows an intense early experience with Christianity and Christian dogma. If one takes a step back from the situation and sees that religion is made from men’s minds and is therefore highly fallible, and has been shown to be highly fallible throughout centuries, then it is easy to see that her art makes fun of dogma and those who would propagate dogma at the expense of Jesus’ actual teaching. Religion does not equal faith and you can go to Church every single Sunday and still be confined to hell because you think that you personally represent and speak for Jesus’ teachings. The fact that she does not take on other religion’s dogma’s probably has more to do with her Christian upbringing. Her work would be as meaningful speaking to Muslims, as a baker would make an impression as a car mechanic.

    Those of you who would spend your time tracking someone down someone who you don’t agree with would be better spent getting off the computer and feeding the poor in your neighborhood or creating a work of art that demonstrates YOUR beliefs. Those of you who are so easily offended should maybe lock yourselves in your bedroom with the Good Book and learn use the opportunity to strengthen your faith and your confidence. Neither the Lord God, nor his son Jesus need you defend him and your efforts speak of personal vanity and pride on your part.

  • Simon

    Cool paintings 🙂

  • Bruce

    Ideas should be able to stand on their own, as should beliefs. You can disdain beliefs without hating people.

    It is a sad belief system, indeed, that cannot withstand inspection and criticism. Instead of lashing out at the free speech advocates who exercise that right with blasphemy, consider why it is YOU are offended. Either you are right and your beliefs will withstand the assault, or you stand on very weak ground and you should rethink your position.

  • Sarah

    It’s my understanding that the intent of Blaspheme Day is to bring attention to the persecution of blasphemers, heretics, apostates, and atheists — up to and including execution in some Arabic countries. In the U.S we are tremendously blessed to live somewhere with safe and free religious expression, but it’s not that way everywhere. Presonally, I think highlighting Ellyn’s work – which is a bit on the fluffy side and thoroughly American — is a distraction from the serious message that CFI intended.

  • Joe

    How sad to see people sin. This is a VERY VERY grave sin what this person is doing with these evil paintings. God loves all of us. We are his children. The blessed mother has said, if only you knew dear children, how much I love you. Your hearts would be filled with joy. What these people are doing is very evil. There is a greater evil behind this. We as Catholics (Christians), must stand up for our faith! Know your FAITH! Abortion is evil, and these paintings are very very evil, and show peoples complete disrespect for our lord. He went to the cross for all of us, he loves all of us so much. He said that you must be like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. People have opened our Lords wounds again and again. We as people must stop sinning, and convert our hearts over to Jesus. Amen.

  • Dave

    Blessed are they that morn. We morn for the souls that will not let God love them. Imagine someone that loves you more than anything in the universe, yet you reject him, you mock him. He continues to love you but your rejection causes him to suffer, even bleed from the wounds. That is Jesus. Forget this worldly stuff. Let Jesus in, he wants to save everyone but has given us free will, even to reject him.

  • Gorgolian

    Mocking someone else’s belief in the personal ideal of beauty, forgiveness and love, is not an ethical way of dealing with the diversity of belief.

  • LeeAnn

    This is one of my favorite artists. One of her paintings hangs in my living room because it captures the cynicism I feel for Christianity as the contradictions between Christian theory and practice are overwhelming. To all those against these wonderful pieces, practice what you preach, and pray for your own souls. Or, just close your eyes and pretend her art is fictional like homosexuality.

  • Go-Go

    Artistically, it has not much to offer either. It is a simple style in the use of color, delineation and idea. The problem with this is not only contextual, but as a matter of “art” it would not pass the committee of a curricular work for admission to anywhere decent, even to very liberal art organizations. Except for its exponential provocative element (which appeals very highly to the most emotions of hate against the Christians’ belief, this “artwork” is nothing special.

  • Margaret Larson

    This is so sickening…….I am an artist and I believe this work belongs in only one place…….the trash, it is not even close to the true and beautiful….it is false and ungly. Even a child can judge this as something straight from hell.

  • Elisabeth

    Many of us are so busy being offended by the idea, we don’t realize how important it is for these people to speak up. I applaud the artists and blasphemers involved with this celebration for the bright light they shine on civil liberties and basic human rights, worldwide.

    “Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind- even if your voice shakes.”
    -Maggie Kuhn

  • paola

    I can’t wait to go see this exhibit, it looks great!

  • Gorgolian

    This form of art is driven by the same type of horrific violence as the Taliban’s destruction of the Buddha through bombing, or as the US destruction of ancestral art in Iraq. All that demoralizes the faith of a people this way, is violent and hate motivated.

  • What I do not understand is how everyone can post, advertise, market, proclaim, teach, promote etc etc etc their believes about God, religion, and everything else that appears “moral” and not be thrown under the bus. I think if you are a true believer of what you proclaim is your faith or who you recognize as your God, then you should not get bent out of shape about what someone else is proposing as their outlook. This is ignorance at its best. Dana Ellyn’s work examines various subject matters in a unique, eye-catching way that allows you to draw your own conclusions. Maybe some of the negative critics of her work do not like the fact that they can relate (in some unmentioned, deep corner of “darkness” in their heads) with certain elements of her work. The great thing about America is that we do have freedom of speech and choice. But hey keep up the criticism, it is great press!

  • I am a volenteer for the CFI as an On-Campus Regional Coordinator. I have been an atheist activist for over 3 years. In that time I have found, in these comments as well, that Christians want the respect that they can never dish out. It is ok for then to call atheists immoral but if we point out some of the inconsistencies in the bible we’re not being respectful. Nonsense. Also, Blasphemy Day is about criticizing ideas, not people. This isn’t about ad hominim attach, it is about being allowed to criticize and talk about all ideas. As the slogan says, “Ideas don’t need rights. People do”.


  • Mary Lee

    Acutally, Gorgolian, all of you who think Dana Ellyn’s art is evil bear a strong, and frightening, resemblance to the Taliban. They destroyed beautiful pieces of art which didn’t follow their narrow beliefs. From what I’m reading, that what most of you want to do. You fear independent thought and new ideas. If you choose to follow a book that advocates rape and slavery, that’s your choice. Dana, me and many others feel that morality and love don’t necessarily come from following that book.

  • j.k.golden

    i just read a prediction of a great earthquake to hit los angeles in october….ready?

  • jeanne Casentino

    You all DO understand why these people aren’t bothering to insult mohammed or allah, right?

    These people serve the devil, so does islam.

    The devil knows who the true God is.

    Atheists hate Christians, so do muslims.

    Also, their cowards. These atheists do not want to loose their heads, and they know that Christians wont cut their heads off, so like school yard bullies they will pick on the nerdy kid in the corner just to make themselves feel important.

    Lets all pray for these poor misguided souls.

  • jeanne Casentino

    [[[Acutally, Gorgolian, all of you who think Dana Ellyn’s art is evil bear a strong, and frightening, resemblance to the Taliban.Posted by Mary Lee]]]

    Mary lee, that is REALLY a stupid statement.

    Christians who are offended are offended for a number of reasons, not in the least of which these paintings are just plain mean spirited. They aren’t art. I would put this ‘art’ on the same level as Rev. Phelps ‘God hates Fags’ skreeds. He’s repulsive, and so is this stuff. It’s NO different. This artist isn’t even that good! Her art reminds me of the ‘”big eyed kitten and children on velvet” junk from the 70’s…NOT impressive..but she’s trying to gain with notoriety what she would never get by talent she doesn’t have by relaying a message of hate. I think thats sad.

    And pitiful.

    You’re betraying your intolerance to a group you disagree with.

    It’s cowardly.

  • Go-Go

    Well, if it was only that. I read that Gorgolian has not even mentioned being a Christian or a believer. The counter-arguments are driven by the classical animosities of you are against us, if you are not with us. And indeed, they are together worshipping bad art, an ugly performance, only because they want to contradict what they consider to be status quo.

  • jeanne Casentino

    Status quo? I don’t know if they noticed, but this country stopped being a Christian nation AGES ago. THEY ARE the status quo now.

    And it’s not a pretty picture.

  • susan

    The Blessed Mother is so sad for her children, Pray Pray Pray

  • William

    Awesome. It’s about time we had a “holiday” that celebrates the most important Right, freedom of expression. As an American, it does my heart good to see the First Amendment honored in such a way by proud, patriotic citizens who love their Constitution as the “holiest” of documents. Thank you to the editors of this news service, and to Dana for risking the hateful and violent persecution that inevitably results from speaking freely.

    PS. Off to get drunk on communion wine, eat beef korma and draw sketches of Muhammed. Tally Ho!

  • Ed

    Dana Ellyn is a gutless non-wonder. Where are her blasphemous pictures of Mohammed? Oh I get it blaspheming Jesus is in her comfort zone that way she won’t have to worry getting death threats from angry muslims.

  • Leonard

    I don’t particularly like the artwork. However the right to display it MUST be protected to maintain a free society.
    This isn’t about who will go to hell or if hell exists. It is about the right to free expression. That is guaranteed in the first amendment and it one of the central pillars of our freedom.
    There are many things that are popular in our society that are disturbing to many people. Whether it is the over the top gore in a Tarantino movie or the childish humor on South Park. Usually people just shrug and let it pass. But when the “target” is religion the reaction is often far more active. This protection of religion by our society is pervasive and corrosive.
    Blasphemy Day aims to reduce that protection and I’m all for it.

  • Vin

    People who feel they must “express their freedomS” by insulting others, in this case apparently, Christians, are certainly lacking in what makes us human. I firmly believe that satan is alive and well in this world and manifested by these people. There is great difficulty in trying to figure out why the world is as it is when God is supposed to be all good, but we can no more figure that out than a microbe can understand the world around it. However, He created us and does not have to answer to us for anything He does. I do believe that the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made, which has always seemed to be much too extreme in order to open the gates of heaven to those who tried to live good lives, makes sense in view of the terrible evil that resides in this world. This is only one aspect of it.

  • Go-Go

    Actually, the Mohammed cartoons had at least some artistic content. But these things are truly ugly, bad crap, not even good to go Ebay. LOL

  • Ann

    This whole thing seems insincere to me. Why would a group testing or celebrating the right of free speech (if I understand correctly) choose something to attack that they themselves don’t believe in and isn’t the most obvious litmus test. If the intent is not to offend, wouldn’t it show some integrity to choose something you believe in and attack away! (See if you can agree with yourself that being offensive is just fine in the name of freedom of speech.) and, Is Jesus really that popular? Anyone who thought this thing through would be attacking the pro-choice religion or something similar. The whole thing sounds much more like an excuse for bad art and blasphemy, than a sincere thought-through theme of testing or celebrating free speech.

  • newman54

    As things like this take place…it is so cool to google ” father donald kloster tridentine” to find his youtube four part and very short talk…..and go for it! You will not regret a word he speaks….in fact you will enjoy it alot!

  • Nancy

    Dana Ellyn is not a good Artist. She has no sense of depth in her work. But I digress; this is certainly about religion and trying to get a name for yourself. Honey, if the kind of name you want is Heathen, Philistine, Evil, etc…, go ahead, have your little show. God will get you. Oh, and by then, you’ll know for sure that He’s real.

  • newman54

    Google…..”islam on capital hill”….today was the day thousands of Muslims marched and prayed on Capital Hill.

  • Diana

    Hmm, no God in Stalin’s country, no God in Mao’s country, no God in Pol Pot’s country. Somehow I don’t remember those countries being the land of freedom and peace for their citizens.

  • reeza

    This woman just wants her 15 seconds of fame and she will get it. What next??
    There will always be people like her. All through the history of the Church, there have always been non-believers. But, guess what, the Church is standing and will stand till the end of time.
    And beyond that? God IS.

  • Kate

    These paintings are so cliché, so predictable and so obviously done to get attention, it’s really laughable. Mrs. Ellyn, next time create something ORIGINAL even if it is NOT controversial. Attacking Jesus? It has been done, again and again. But hey! Good job, you got the attention you wanted.

  • Phoenix

    It seems that whenever atheists want to attack a religion, it is always Christianity. It is considered socially unacceptable and in some cases illegal to criticize a person or group based on sexual orientation, race, or gender, yet intolerence toward Christianity or believers of Christianity is not only permissible but touted as an “expression of the rights of free speech”. It puzzles me that someone feels that the only way of expressing their rights to free speech is by attacking someone else’s sacred beliefs. Christians are repeatedly called intolerant and told to “grow up and accept it” while watching their faith get torn down publicly in this sort of manner. In the eyes of their critics, Christians are not allowed to get angry or offended, yet if you offend someone based on their race or sexual orientation you can face legal action at worst or public censure at best. Atheists often go to court to forbid public displays of Christian faith, claiming offense as the cause. I do not see how this can be a tolerant attitude. Logically, how can someone be offended by something they claim to not believe in? Should not all works of fiction then be equally repulsive? This is akin to going out of one’s way to attack the man in the moon simply because he does not exist. It appears that so many people feel threatened by Christianity that they believe they must oppose it in this way, while the fact that they are capable of expressing this kind of opposition in effect demonstrates that such fears are unfounded. Either there is a large amount of irrationality involved in the behavior of these people, or perhaps the Christians are correct and there are spiritual undertones involved. I certainly do not see such opposition leveled against Buddhism, Hinduism, Spiritism, Wicca, or any number of American Indian beliefs. Regardless of the attempts at dissuading criticism by claims of a lack of intent to offend, this is less of an expression of true atheism and more of a disrespectful expression of anti-Christian sentiment.

    For those who claim there is not some kind of double standard regarding Christianity, I would ask you to rethink this very carefully and consider the implications of using the right of expression to trample on someone else’s sacred beliefs. You may at some point be put in the position of being on the other end of the stick, as it were, by someone else at a later time. Equality under the law and ethical equality must be equal in application or they are meaningless. I tire of watching people being content to watch and even cheer as the rights of others are trampled so long as they disagree with those who are currently under the boot. You will never learn how to live in peace if you continue reveling in the discontent of others.

  • Eliza

    As a Catholic myself, you’ve got to be kidding me that people are so “offended” by this art. All these paintings are is a play on the dogma of the Bible. To read more into them then that is ridiculous. Dana Ellyn exhibits a great style and has chosen a certain theme for one set of paintings. She has other satirical themes as well.

    As for any of you that are condemning her, well, that’s not very Christian of you, now is it. Why don’t you take all the energy you have worked up over a few paintings and go do something good with it. (i.e. volunteer, plant a tree, help a neighbor). But please, get over your holier than thou attitudes.

  • Bill Sr.

    My point is not to offend, but I realize it can offend, because religion is such a polarizing topic,” Ellyn said of the exhibit.


  • Aracelli

    Take the theme (Degradation of religious symbols) off the context (which is why the discussion is being heated), and focus on the art” This work points to a style that comes from the insane asylum, works done with no control by patients with heavy mental problems.

    The interest of the CFI in Outsider Art may come from the affinity that Outsider Artists share with the CFI, this is, focusing on the rejection of something they consider to be “establishment.”

    Some research on the origins and purpose of Outsider Art would reveal that this discussion is not very fruitful, because the actions of Outsider Artists are always marginal.

    Outsider Art comes from the original French “Art Brut” style, “art created by psychotic individuals who existed almost completely outside culture and society.”

  • Desert Rat

    To you Dana Ellyn and those who condone this stuff, I can
    only say “Father forgive them, they know not what they do”

  • Here is a good example of Outsider Artists presenting similar provocative stuff. Just stop relating these painted images with religion, and you will find the distance to understand where it comes from. It really has no purpose.

  • Andrew

    Since Muslims believe in “Jesus,” who has a “Pure Spirit,” and also believe in “his Lord,” those who mock Jesus, whom the Koran also identifies as “the Messiah,” mock and blaspheme God. It is foolish to think there is another, as in a different God. There is One God from Whom nothing is hidden. There is one God for Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

    For those wishing harm and disrepute to the artist, consider this: the Koran relates a story between Jesus and Allah. Jesus affirms that forgiveness of those who deserve punishment demonstrates that Allah is the Almighty and Wise, that punishing those deserving it only proves that they are His anyway. So, for those of faith, be as your Lord—show Mercy. For those having the name of faithful but not living by faith, do as the Bible—Book of Revelations—tells you: if filthy continue in filth, if holy, be holy still.

    If anyone is deserving of a rebuke, it is those who fail to live the fullness of Mercy toward their neighbor and leave the world bereft of the beauty that would exist if people love God and one another. People like the artist exist and say what they do because they lack the grace of God that should be known by people living from God. The artist’s work is offensive, not by intent, but because of how it is perceived. If she were a Christian or Muslim who portrayed certain script from the Bible or the Koran, she would be guilty of a hate crime and likely prosecuted. But, Christians in the Christian nations of North America lack the humility, logic, and purity to know how to address the matter in a way consistent with their faith. Are not most Christians what even Christian elderly ladies describe as more talk than walk, more eager to please and compromise, than walk in Truth? I write as a Christian and rebuke those in my own house. I write because the absolute claims of Christianity demand greater responsibility for acting by it’s adherents. It is not a religion for whom Christians stand up for, but a person—the Person of Jesus. Where our neighbor suffers, Jesus suffers. Aleve the suffering! Let your light shine! Judge, as the Bible says, those in your own house. Once the House is clean, and the eye pure, even then, do not judge the unbeliever—or you will be judged.

  • Chrisopher Bradley

    A lot of Christians here sound jealous of the fact that Islam allows you to execute people for insulting your religion. So when do the Christians start bringing out the scimitars?

    I’m sure you can justify it Biblically. You always do.

    And before long, we’ll have become our enemy– a fascist religious state.

  • FATH

    To: Desert Rat – AMEN AMEN AMEN



  • faith





  • Christopher Bradley

    I am a Christian, and I FULLY support this. Chirstians who say they cannot practice their religion in the face of criticism, ANY criticism, have a very, VERY WEAK FAITH. Threatened by this? PRAY MORE.

  • Eric

    So, Andrew & Christopher,

    Andrew, are you suggesting in your 12:31pm posting that Christians are somehow responsible for this artist portraying what she does? Are you saying that the artist is actually portraying a false image of Jesus more consistent with how lukewarm Christians act upon his message of love? Interesting. If so, the artist seems to be doing nothing more than reflecting the nominally Christian message she perceives through the followers of Christianity.

    Christopher, what are you fully supporting? The crypto-message once declared by the Catholic Pope, John Paul II, that if we do not convert by the word, it will be by blood?

  • Andrew

    Eric, it’s not what I suggest, It’s what I call upon all Christians on my continent to do: get on your knees and repent.

    Repent of your own idolatry–your twisting of the Christian message into something that puffs up your egos with intellectual pride for being able to talk more about Jesus than to Jesus in Prayer. I myself have already repented of this matter which is why I have clear discernment on it.

    America, get on your knees and ask for mercy. Repent of failing to protect your children–especially in your churches and your womb. Repent of using the name of Christian for houses that have become tax shelters of financial gain but open for business only 8 hours per day. Have you made it a criminal act to worship the source of your blessings?

    It is a late hour America. Repent. God raised you above all nations–to share your blessing. WAKE UP. Open your heart to Jesus. Open your heart to Mercy.

  • Sharon

    “The point we’re trying to make is that we’re against restrictions on speech based purely on the possibility that some people might be offended…”

    Okay, so if I decide to create my own work of art by spray-painting all over Dana Ellyn’s paintings, and then justify it by saying something like “Atheistic blasphemy is vile and should be eradicated”, will I be restricted from doing so?

    Apparently not.

  • Sharon

    Eliza says: “As for any of you that are condemning her, well, that’s not very Christian of you, now is it. Why don’t you take all the energy you have worked up over a few paintings and go do something good with it. (i.e. volunteer, plant a tree, help a neighbor). But please, get over your holier than thou attitudes.”

    I’ve heard comments like yours over and over again – Christian bashers tend to repeat themselves.

    My question is this: Why do you assume that Christians who speak out against these blasphemies DON’T perform works of charity? The vast majority of Christians do, you know. You probably assume that they don’t because they keep quiet about it. It’s not very Christian to brag about doing good, you know.

    And you’re a Catholic? Yeah, so’s my dog.

  • jeanne casentino

    [[[I am a Christian, and I FULLY support this. Chirstians who say they cannot practice their religion in the face of criticism, ANY criticism, have a very, VERY WEAK FAITH. Threatened by this? PRAY MORE.

    Posted by Christopher Bradley]]]

    I guess you would support someone calling your father an ‘a$$h@le” to his face too, or someone holding up ‘God hates fags’ signs up, or someone throwing feces all over your wife too?

    A personal relationship with Jesus is a relationship based on love of one beloved to another…it is the prerogative of the Christian life. This is the distinct honor and privilege…it is what Christians all over the world are being martyred and tortured for even now, and you cast it away like an old rag by saying you support this. Being offended by this kind of stuff is not a sign of a ‘weak face’…it’s a sign of a heart wounded for the sake of the beloved.

    I suppose that is language you are not familiar with.


  • jeanne casentino

    Christopher, Christians are not jealous of muslims…muslims do not have the holy Spirit, how can we be jealous. We are sad because Christians ARE peaceful. When was the last time you worried about a baptist suicide bomber? or a crazed Catholic wielding a sword to chop off your head?? don’t even go there….because the fact is, Christians are not terrorizing types. The fact that we would like a society that supports the common good where laws to protect the weak, the orphan and the widow, and hold back the powerful are set up, where the ten commandments are upheld for the most part. How bad would it be if thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness were upheld even in the highest office of the land?

    Eric…what the ‘Catholic Pope’ was commenting and warning on was that as Christians in Europe continue to apostatize from the basic tenants of Christianity and abandon the Holy Spirit (and many Christians are publicly repudiating their baptisms…this is a fact..) then a new spirit(..evil and blood-thirsty) will come in.
    (1998 encyclical “Fides et Ratio” (“Faith and Reason”))

    This is supported by the bible when Jesus said that if an evil spirit is cast out and nothing is brought in to take it’s place ie the Holy Spirit…then 7 demons even worse the the original will take it’s place. Europe/eastern Europe has had over 60 yrs to rethink secularism and the godless ideologies that brought Hitler and Stalin into power, and instead of turning back to Jesus, they have all but fully expelled him from all of European society. Christendom is no more…the Holy Spirit has been rejected. There are towns in Europe that are almost 100 percent muslim… and Canada is already as we speak, embracing sharia in some parts. America is not far off behind.

    Christians who see the writing on the wall are saddened by this. Pope John Paul warned that many will be martyred. In “Dominus Iesus,” He reiterated that while we believe Gods mercy can save anyone, there is NO other way to the Father except through Jesus Christ, Lord, God and King. The secular press suppressed this.

    For this reason, because the malice of the ‘god’ of this world is rising exponentially, and is jealous of the Lordship of Christ ..many Christians will die.

    So, while I AM sad that people insult my precious lord and Savior…as a Catholic Christian, I rejoice, because in it, I see the glory of joining myself to the cross of Christ. They first hated him.
    And no institution is hated more then the Holy Catholic Church in this world. Praise God! Maranatha!

    We praise thee, O God :
    we acknowledge thee to be the Lord.
    All the earth doth worship thee :
    the Father everlasting.
    To thee all Angels cry aloud :
    the Heavens, and all the Powers therein.
    To thee Cherubim and Seraphim :
    continually do cry,
    Holy, Holy, Holy :
    Lord God of Sabaoth;
    Heaven and earth are full of the Majesty :
    of thy glory.
    The glorious company of the Apostles : praise thee.
    The goodly fellowship of the Prophets : praise thee.
    The noble army of Martyrs : praise thee.
    The holy Church throughout all the world :
    doth acknowledge thee;
    The Father : of an infinite Majesty;
    Thine honourable, true : and only Son;
    Also the Holy Ghost : the Comforter.
    Thou art the King of Glory : O Christ.
    Thou art the everlasting Son : of the Father.
    When thou tookest upon thee to deliver man :
    thou didst not abhor the Virgin’s womb.
    When thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death :
    thou didst open the Kingdom of Heaven to all believers.
    Thou sittest at the right hand of God : in the glory of the Father.
    We believe that thou shalt come : to be our Judge.
    We therefore pray thee, help thy servants :
    whom thou hast redeemed with thy precious blood.
    Make them to be numbered with thy Saints : in glory everlasting.
    O Lord, save thy people :
    and bless thine heritage.
    Govern them : and lift them up for ever.
    Day by day : we magnify thee;
    And we worship thy Name : ever world without end.
    Vouchsafe, O Lord : to keep us this day without sin.
    O Lord, have mercy upon us : have mercy upon us.
    O Lord, let thy mercy lighten upon us :
    as our trust is in thee.
    O Lord, in thee have I trusted :
    let me never be confounded!!

    Amen and amen!

  • Alyson

    To the religious-righters: get over yourselves. Have we forgotten that the very essence of art is about self-expression of the artist? All these religious comments are geared to push more PROPAGANDA than the art itself! If the expression of the artist does not align with your beliefs, don’t look at it. It’s not about you in the first place.

  • William

    Thanks to 90% of the christians who have posted comments on here for displaying just how crazy you are. We hardly even need to make fun of you; you make it so easy for us to laugh at your silly antics. Please, keep on posting the absurd directives of your imaginary spiritual dictator. The more you talk about god the more it becomes obvious it is just the hammer you nutjobs use to rationalize your destructive, insane behavior. Get therapy already.

    Thank you for making our job so easy.

    -The "Bad Guys"

  • fonia

    I pray for those ignorant alians who are trying anything to stop our belief in God. Look at the sunsets,where do they come from ?God. Have you ever watch the dawn coming? who is behind this awakening? God. Who could form a perfect being like us only, God. The holy word of God says whoever sins against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, Hell is their doom. Let’s stop these People mocking God in their drawings. In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross I ask that this mocking will stop right now . Let us all pray for this evil ,which is intended to defy God will be rejected by all who know Jesus and we shall all praise God and win the victory over all sin and evil.Pray that these aliens will be converted. Go back to Rome and face POPE Benedict XV1 and ask forgiveness. prayer warrior

  • To those who term themselves, “Bad Guys” and such, could you please explain to me why in the world you waste so much of your time getting pissed off at Christians and calling them names? I don’t believe in aliens and yet I feel no need to paint picutres making fun of aliens or having a Make Fun Of Aliens Day. Why? Because I don’t believe aliens exist, despite the millions of people who do. So, why should I get all hot and bothered about something that I don’t believe in or care about?

    So, if you don’t believe in God or the Bible or any of this stuff, why are you so worked up and made over it? You guys remind me of a spurned lover. You aren’t getting the attention you want from someone so you bad mouth the object of your once affection every chance you get. What happened? Did a nun smack your hand in class? Did a preacher scold you for sleeping around? Did you parents beat you in the name of Religion? What happened to make you care so much about a Deity you say doesn’t exist?

    You are not going to get us Christians to stop loving and believing in God by waving around some mockeries of artistry or waggling your bums at the Lord. You look stupid and you act like doped up fools when you do that. Instead of bashing on Christians why don’t you go do something useful like study a second language or take up knitting?

  • art critic

    Ellyn’s work is trash. She’d be better off getting a job for Mad magazine. Her works are cartoons – childish; garish; crude; unskilled; lacking any depth whatsoever; and are obviously only produced to provoke offense and thus gain notoriety.

    In other words, she has no talent whatsoever and likes to jump up and down in people’s faces making offensive statements to get attention…like a three-year old having a hissy fit.

  • William

    Trimelda: We do it for the same reason you tell a drug addict that what they’re doing isn’t acceptable. For the same reason that when someone steals, you tell them it is wrong. I don’t need a pretend-magical book to tell me that when a christian threatens my life, or resorts to violence against me for doubting jebus, it is wrong.

    Christians make a negative impact on many people’s lives every day through the applications of their belief. I think this is a perfectly good reason to argue against it. If no one ever says anything, christians will never hear that what they believe, and what they do with that belief, is wrong and harmful.

    I do, by the way, make fun of alien-abduction nuts. I make fun of bigfoot nuts, and moon landing conspiracy people, and loch ness monster loonies. I make fun of jews, muslims and scientologists. There’s no difference between any of those and you christians, no difference at all. You all believe in destructive imaginary things for which there is no evidence.

    There’s very little objective difference between islam and christianity and judaism, or even scientology. It’s all the same lies, self-delusion and system of reality-avoidance. The differences only matter to you nuts, who believe that you happen to have the one true belief out of all of them.

    Lastly, get out of my government. If you fool religionists would just stop using government(s) to enforce your religious nonsense, I probably wouldn’t bother with you at all. As long as the question of religion is political, and you keep making it so, I’m going to fight back to keep my freedoms intact. Freedoms like Blasphemy Day. If you religionists had your way, you’d burn the Constitution and liberty our forefathers fought for, because you have no love or respect for freedom or liberty.

  • L. G.

    Poor girl: not real smart and definitely neglected or abused as a child to have such rage against God. She isn’t worth getting upset over. Her work really sucks– a no-talent for sure. . .no imaginatin at all. . .just knows how to provoke so do not get sucked in by her ignorance. . .

  • L.G.

    Trimelda does not know that religion and politics are closely linked because our founding fathers based this nation on Judeo-Christian thought; thus, those who have faith do love the Constitution which makes you wrong, wrong, wrong. Those of us with faith in God hold tight to the Constitution, honey. . .your ignorance is showing. . .

  • Anne Haemer

    Why do people go out of their way to insult others ? I know I am naive, but what a waste of time, and talent. Whatever happened to respect ? This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Period. You can’t change history by saying that it was not. If you do not agree with that, then maybe this is not the country for you.

  • William

    Did you pull that fabulous, well thought out argument directly from Fox News “sweety”? Did you think you needed to repeat “wrong” three times to emphasize how right you are, “hon”? Pathetic. Do even you know anything other than what you’re told by a priest or a talking head on Fox, “darlin'”? Read a book, illiterate parrot.

    It’s funny, christians always “love” the Constitution when it protects them, but when it protects people they don’t agree with, they respond with violence and threats.

  • art critic

    I should add…

    …like a three-year old having a hissy fit because she cannot lay a golden egg herself, hence her trashy artwork and provocative offence to ‘get famous’.

    I’m assuming the piece (of work) in the picture above – throwing a hissy fit in front of a man, allegedly Jesus Christ, dressed up as a rabbit and laying a golden egg – is a self-portrait and based on her profound jealousy of His fame and His ability to get so many billions of people to follow Him, when all that Ellyns can do is paint some crude paintings to get her fifteen seconds of fame.

    The art must be the result of a mega inferiority complex and a huge ego problem…but isn’t all blasphemy based on that!

  • Thoughadventure

    This pathetic art is not the threat to Christianity today. The threat is lukewarm Christians (Rev 3:15-16). We Christians need to be stronger in showing the power and the beauty of the Gospel to transform lives and the world by the power of love, Divine wisdom, sacrifice and service. The more we give people cause to look in awe the more this pathetic “art” will be seen for what it is. The Gospel is the power to change the world.

  • Eliza

    Sharon says: I’ve heard comments like yours over and over again – Christian bashers tend to repeat themselves.

    My question is this: Why do you assume that Christians who speak out against these blasphemies DON’T perform works of charity? The vast majority of Christians do, you know. You probably assume that they don’t because they keep quiet about it. It’s not very Christian to brag about doing good, you know.

    And you’re a Catholic? Yeah, so’s my dog.

    Sharon: Am I a Christian basher, just because I have a different point of view than you? I don’t assume that people that speak out against blasphemy don’t perform works of charity. I am asking why instead of joining in an un-Christian like behavior and attcking this woman in such a vicious manner, channel the energy into doing something positive, or come across in a more constructive manner.

    By the way, my dog’s Catholic too!! See we do have something in common!

  • Jilian Buck

    I think her art work is outrageous and dangerous.This world is going
    to Hell quickly. What is wrong with all you people who think this
    is allright? This country was founded on religion and it was wonderful here for many years and now look what has happened to us
    because people have turned away from God. They all think they are
    Gods but they will find out the truth in the end, all of us will.
    God help us all and have pity on this truly decadent nation.

  • Mary Bonney

    Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing
    I picture Satan sitting watching her paint rubbing his scrawny fingers in glee laughing at the loss of another soul. Please god help us

  • … Blasphemy is a victimless crime.
    … All such laws must be repealed.
    … The high art of exposing some of the most absurd religious concepts to scrutiny and ridicule is long over due and our dear artist is to be commended for her talent and creativity.
    … American Atheists have been killed, kidnapped, raped, suffered extortion, torture, jailings, loss of jobs, denial of employment, housing and crimes directed at our children.
    … All of this is ignored while some believers pretend that respect is due to the institutions of crusades, pogroms, slavery, war and the brutalities done to baby boys and all females?
    … It is high time for blasphemy to be perpetrated so broadly across our planet that finally believers will know that we Atheists on our globe will not take their mindless bellicose concepts laying down anymore.
    … If we shame believers into a recognition that brutal imaginary friends and violent cult behaviours must be exposed NOT PROTECTED, then Blasphemy Day and Blasphemy in Art will be a success.
    … WE speak out for the day that no single baby boy is ever tortured and scarred on his penis again.
    … We speak out for the day that no woman is raped, sold or tortured at any age.
    … We speak out for the day that war is not a prophesy come true, but a nightmare prevented.
    … We speak out for the day that our nurturant species is not dominated by cults of hate and conspiracies against science.
    … When the HIV virus is the enemy and the Nazi Pope makes condoms sacred and widely used, you all will know that Blasphemy Day caused human progress to escalate.
    … Peace, Larry Carter Center 843-926-1750

  • Peter Petras commented above falsely about many people, especially John Lennon. 14 years passed between his honest and accurate remarks that his music had become more important than church violence and bad influences. He later apologized that same year.
    ….. In New York City, 1980, he was shot by a fanatic xian who was mentally ill. Jennifer shows the same kind of mental illness in applauding Petra’s insane remarks.
    ….. Heaven bribes and Hell threats are the essence of religion and Blasphemy Day will increase in popularity until ethics, not alleged deity based “morals” will be the improving state of humanity. “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.”
    ….. All that religions are saying is keep violence sacred.
    ….. Theocracy is treason.
    ….. Theocracy betrays human kindness and intelligence.
    ….. Repeal blasphemy and apostate laws everwhere.
    ….. No more killings in revenge for alleged deities.
    ….. NO MORE killings to prove killing people is wrong.
    ….. Stop wars.
    ….. Wage peace.
    ….. Demand justice. Larry Carter Center 843-926-1750

  • kat

    I do not have a problem with these individuals exercising their first amendment rights however, do they “blasphamy” all religions or just Christianity? For instance is there a painting of allah chowing on a pork chop etc. Seems the only religion one is allowed to “bash” anymore is Christianity. Pope Benedict had to apologize for (in a nut shell) calling islam a religion of violence. He said something to the effect of I apologize my comment on islam being a religion of violence caused so much violence from the muslim world.

  • newman54

    Speaking of the Moslems anybody see the website or org? Just google islam on capital hill and see what took place there last friday. Not sure I understand their intent.

  • Unstrung

    This country was decidedly NOT founded on religion or “judeo-christian” principles. The founding fathers expressly established a secular government and it has been one of our greatest strengths. The freedom to to say, speak, and write what one wills without fear of reprisal or punishment is our greatest liberty.

    It is my right to speak my opinion, even if that opinion is offensive to you.

    My opinion happens to be, “there seem to be no gods, nor spirits or demons”. This opinion happens to be backed by a considerable lack of evidence for any of the three.

    How does this opinion harm you in any way? You may feel threatened by it, but it it is only thought and words.

  • @Sharon

    You say your dog is a Catholic. I find that statement offensive, blasphemous and insulting to Catholicism and you should withdraw it immediately.

  • Anne

    You are absolutely correct that you have a right to speak your opinion and that this is a secular government and that is your opinion is offensive to me you still have the right to it. Our founding fathers did not want a government sponsored religion. However, please look at our country’s history – this country WAS founded on judeo-christian beliefs and values. I’m truly sorry if that is offensive to you, but it’s not just my opinion, it is fact.

  • Jake

    Actually, Unstrung, the country was founded on religious principles, though these principles are not what some Americans (and many of the commenters here) think. The first and most important principle was freedom of religion, since many of the colonies were founded by and/or populated by various sects fleeing religious persecution in Europe. That freedom was eventually codified in the Bill of Rights:

    [Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.]

    But there certainly was a religious driver to the foundation of the country. And it was Judeo-Christian in roots, but it wasn’t Christianity; it was Deism. Deism is (overly simply) defined in Wikipedia as: “a religious and philosophical belief that a supreme being created the universe, and that this (and religious truth in general) can be determined using reason and observation of the natural world alone, without a need for either faith or organized religion.”

    Some Deists among the founding thinkers of the country were also Christians; others rejected the divinity of Jesus (Thomas Jefferson among the most notable of these). In general, Deism was at the root of a general feeling of destiny that informed the foundation of the country and its future development.

    To deny a spritual driver to the United States is to get the facts wrong. But the God in whom We Trust, according to the founders, wasn’t the God represented by various organized religions. Those organized religions, however, were free to believe and worship as they wished.

    So while I think you’re a bit wrong, Unstrung, the response of Anne and others is more wrong. We were a country founded on the values of Deism, which said we didn’t need organized religion to tell us how to worship God, or to tell others how to worship theirs.

  • Jake, you fail on the nuance Unstrung makes on secularity. Deism has little to do with freedom from theocracy. James Madison, Christian that he was, vigorously condemned all theocrats who pushed and failed to make this in anyway an xian or Deist nation. Madison firmly wanted religious opinions to be private and “no religious test shall every be required for any public office under these United States.” Article 6 passed on Sept 13, 1787. Dec 15th, 1791, the Bill or Rights attempted to make a neutral gov’t the explicit purpose and meaning of Article 6. That laundry list begins with no theocracy, free exercise of personal faith, speech, press, assembly and the right to petition the gov’t for redress. Madison said: “it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket” regarding how religion must not combine with gov’t. That is the essence of secularity and Unstrung is correct and you have not gotten it yet.

  • Jillian Buck: wake up and smell the coffee sweetie. No where in the US Constitution does the word “god” appear. Our 1776 Declaration of Independence only mentions “Nature and Nature’s god.” Not Jeebus alleged son of an alleged god, not the King James Bible god Jehovah nor the Quoran god Allah and certainly not the Upanishads god Krishna. No, nada, zip on religious gods, only the 18th Century science god of then scientific creation. With less than one percent of the nation Jewish, our nation was not then “judeo-xian” nor now when the term was invented about 60 year ago in living memory. The truth is discernable now, no one needs to wait post mortem with your implied hell threat against us Artistic American Atheists nor a heaven bribe unfulfilled to believers expecting some boring heaven as a reward for mere belief. I think our nation is not that decadent when over 100 million people have inadequate or zero health insurance.
    Real decadence would be measured by full funding of viagra, full funding of breast implants and cosmetic surgery and all the medical hedonism that money can buy for all people in our nation. Instead our nation is living by the unsustainable meat industry. We ought to revere Cain as a vegan hero who stopped the slaughter of innocent lambs by his brother Abel. We ought to revere sustainable diets of fruit, grains & nuts which is natural and healthy. Your god is a blood thirsty meat eating god. That is a decadent god while my lack of religion leads me to a sustainable green lifestyle respectful of our mother earth, not a monster god of the obscene genocidal violent anti-woman King James theocrat bible. Un holy it is, not your illiterate non-reading of the book & false assumptions of your preacher who shoved your dumb ideas into your head. Peace, Larry 843-926-1750

  • Jake

    Oh, dear. Larry, you didn’t carefully read my post, did you? I was writing about the spiritual roots of the nation, which are often misunderstood and misused by those who want to make this an essentially Christian country. And those roots are also misunderstood and misused by those who want to fight against the desecularization of America. I fully understand what Madison wanted–and got–in the Constitution, which was passed, as you note, 11 years after the Declaration of Independence, which created the nation, and 169 years after the foundation of the first colony.

    I understand Unstrung’s “nuance,” and disagree that there’s any nuance there. The real nuance is to understand that there are indeed religious foundations to this country, but that those foundations don’t in any way make this a Christian land, as so many commenting here would have it.

    I think we’re fundamentally in agreement. I just tend to think that ignoring the roots of the tension between the secular and the religious in America adds to the problem, since everything becomes black (we’re Christian, and you had better be as well) or white (we’re secular and you had better be as well).

  • Jake

    And Larry, your demeaning, condescending and holier-than-thou response to Jillian Buck is just that. Stuff like that doesn’t contribute anything other than to harden battle lines, and cause ears and minds to close. Try arguing your case without gratuitous insult, if you’re able.

  • leonard

    The facts are clear and fairly simple:
    1) The U.S. is a secular country. This made clear by the lack of ANY religion or religious institution is the Constitution. This is made explicit in the Treaty of Tripoli which was approved by the Senate unanimously.
    2) The founders of our nation held a variety of DIFFERENT religious views. Any discussion or stance in a discussion that relies on THE religious views of the founders is a highly distorting oversimplification.
    3) This discussion is, at best, a tangential sidebar to the original topic: Blasphemy.

  • Anne, this fiction you propagandize for the recently invented lie of “judeo-xian” is pure McCarthyism. The Treaties of Tunis, Tripoli and Algiers states in 1797: “the gov’t of the United States is in NO SENSE FOUNDED UPON THE Mussleman, Christian or Mehomitan religions…” Those were the common words describing Jews, Bible Thumpers and Muslims then. The “Judeo-Xian” term was invented by theocrats in the 1940’s when anti-semitism was waning in our nation. Christian theocrats were desperate to appear for Jews while against Atheists & labor unions branded “communists.” That is the source and meaning of the word “judeo-christian.” Your silly claim that such a term or reality existed in 1776 or 1787 is pathetically incompetent and merely parotting the words of foolish preachers who brain washed you. Get a clue, you have no intelligent leg to stand on regarding your pathetic wish to censor a fine Atheist Artist who asks people to consider that crucifixion is a bad and fake thing. Myths are fairy tales like the Ishtar Bunny. If you could just reconsider how that you are 99 per cent Atheist, you reject all the gods but your triune god, we are simply one hundred per cent Atheist, not subscribing to your Santa Clause sentiments.

  • Religion News Service weighing in here. We’ve followed this comment thread with interest, and would like it to continue. However, we will delete posts and ban users who can’t seem to control themselves, and we reserve the right to close the thread entirely. Try to discuss, instead of rant and yell. Last warning, folks.

  • Jake

    Okay, will try to discuss. Larry, you’re right that the term “Judeo-Christian” is an invention of the last century. But this is splitting a pretty fine hair. Do you really question the ‘Judeo-Christian’ roots of the Bible, which is composed of the Torah, a variety of other Jewish writings, and the Gospels and a variety of other Christian writings? And do you argue that this combination of Jewish and Christian writings haven’t in some way affected European art, culture, philosphy and politics, which in turn had a certain impact on American art, culture, philosophy and politics?

    I agree with Leonard that this argument is tangential to the idea of blasphemy…except that the issues I raised seem core to the views of many of the commenters who have posted here. So perhaps it’s not so far off the mark.

    And by the way, I don’t believe the artwork which started this thread out is ‘blasphemous.’

  • Sue

    Satan already has these poor souls. On their death bed, they will
    DOUBT their unbelief. A second after death, they will KNOW there is a GOD.

  • Unstrung

    @Anne Your statement is not offensive to me. And it is based in fact, but needs clarification. The colonies here that became the states of our country may have been majority christian, but when the union was established it was decidedly secular. The U.S. was founded on enlightenment principles not religious ones. The people may have been (and still are) majority christian, but that does not mean the government was based in a religion.

    There is no doubt the people of our country have religious roots, but to say we are a “christian nation” is rather disingenuous. We have also been a nation of independent, free-thinkers from the beginning. We wanted the right to worship (or not worship) as we saw fit, without a government telling us to or how.

    @Jake -I don’t think “freedom of religion” is a religious principle (thou shalt have no other gods before me?). As Leonard said the personal religious beliefs of the founding fathers are not really relevant. What matters are the documents they created. Nowhere in the bill of rights or the constitution does it say “in god we trust”. That didn’t become the U.S. motto until 1956 during the red scare.

    Secularism does not equal atheism. It protects the rights of both atheist and theist alike.

    @Larry -Whoa now, thanks for coming to my defense, but there is no need to antagonize.

    @David -Thanks

  • Unstrung

    @Sue -How can I be blamed for not believing in a god that provides me with no evidence of his existence? Perhaps I will be rewarded for using my “god given” capacity to reason and not blindly believing in personal allegories. As Larry said, how do you know your god is the right one? How do you know your holy text is the “word of god”?

  • Andrew

    I find it interesting that a discussion related to an international day of blasphemy leads to the notion of faith and the principles upon which the United States of America is founded. It would be interesting for the readers following this dialog to explore further the original State Constitutions. It is clear that recognizing belief in a Creator, the Divine, or Jesus Himself is the intent of authority in the USA. To disavow one’s recognition of these historical facts is as complementary to the Masonic nature of this country’s founders as it is of Catholic Christians to uphold and defend the authority of their papacy. Do you all see what is happening in our present day? Do you see how the powers of a federal government without recognition of God–even a God derived from the principles of Deism–can devolve into totalitarianism? Time is short. Although it does not seem connected, would you consider a matter inspired by faith? Look at the city of Los Angeles. It seems a microcosm of matters facing the remainder of the USA. It was pointed out to me that unless matters change there, what takes place there will take place elsewhere. Watch this city in the next two weeks. I do not convey anything by knowledge, only by faith. Hence, those with faith may be able to hear. These words are not addressed to those without faith. Faith is key now. Listen and watch. I assure you I have no knowledge upon which to act except faith. And so, I ask you all to consider the identity of our nation, the consequences of ignoring or denying our identity as one nation under God. To blaspheme God is to invite disaster. Is it an act of mercy to to let justice emerge? In the USA, it has been said that nature itself will be the means of this Mercy. Without it, we would continue to sin. And what would you say, you who have no faith, “What is sin?” It is the that which lead a certain Roman leader to ask, “What is Truth.” The truth is that God Loves Us. In the Bible–an heirloom of the Catholic tradition–we are told that God chastises those whom He loves. So be it.

  • Andreq

    P.S. Unstrung has questions similar to many in America. But, religion is not the answer. Religion is what people create to control God. Faith is what God gives to let people live. When people have the Word of God, they act from knowing God, from living from prayer, from acting upon matters that exceed their ability to reason and know. The Word of God is known knot through fancy speeches and written words but through Power. Christians have this in their text of the Bible. It is through Power, not words, that God is known. He demonstrates his power still. Peter Petras revealed a few matters above that show his power. Another matter that may blow your minds can be found in a homily by a Catholic priest named Fulton Sheen. I remember his description of history, how God announces for some 1800 years before he arrives, not only what his name will be, but where he will be born, what he will look like, what he will do, how he will die, but also how he will remain a King. It is amazing–and confirmed by historical records kept even by non-Christians–that Jesus Himself announced his arrival, came on time, died on time, and announces his return. Y’all ready? If not, drive through eastern Tennessee. One of my favorite billboards reads, “Get Right with God; Or, Be left behind.”

  • max percy

    This seems like a lame publicity stunt to get attention for even lamer cartoons by a pathetic “artist”

  • Steve Phelan

    Two points:

    First, does anyone else recognize the utter hypocrisy of claiming not to want to offend anyone by participating in “Blasphemy Day”? Blasphemy MEANS offense against faith and the faithful, even as this anodyne article admits, yet the author allows the perpetrators of this nonsense to go unchallenged when they say they don’t want to offend anyone.

    Where is the honesty? Just come out and say it: I want to offend Christians.

    Second, the date for this supposed holiday (from “Holy day”) is chosen to correlate with the publication of the Mohamed cartoons. And the bold, courageous artists celebrate this admittedly troubling episode by bashing… Christians? Does anyone else see a disconnect here? Only the blindest of the anti-religion Amen choir would see this as in any way courageous: yet another anti-Christian campaign masquerading as some sort of bold artistic statement.

    You want to be courageous? Show me a display of “art” mocking Mohamed, publicize it widely, and claim to not want to offend Muslims. I dare you.

    Cowards and hypocrites – every last one of you.



  • Andreq — Praise the Lord!! Did you know that Bishop Fulton Sheen even had original pictures of Jesus making that announcement? Fulton Sheen was a great man.

  • Sherry

    Please read what it’s all about before you make such sweeping judgments and take such personal offense.

    I promise you won’t get any cooties by reading the following:

    There are actually many Christians who are supporting this because they don’t want the Islamists to impose laws on the rest of the world through the UN.

    “Minds are like parachutes. They function best when open.” — FZ

  • Hey All You Guys Who Argue that Religion needs to be attacked because it is harmful and you equate it to using drugs…is this a statement in support of Karl Marx? I mean, he’s the most famous atheist who equated religion as being an opiate, ie a drug. We can see the wonders his point of view has produced in such countries where atheism is the preferred norm. People talk about the Crusades, Salem Witch Trials, and the Spanish Inquisition. If you count the numbers killed by them and then you count EVERY religion that has ever persecuted anyone else compared to what the atheists have murdered and you have a drop in the ocean compared to MILLIONS of dead people from the Commies.

    Maybe we should have a campaign to get rid of atheism as being hazardous to the health of the entire world! Maybe sponsor Atheism Kills Day. I bet all the millions of people whose loved ones have been slaughtered by the Atheistic Communists would get behind that one.

  • Lore

    I don’t understand this need to respect religion. It’s just stupid. Give me one other example of something so stupid that we must respect, then tell me why that’s a good idea.

  • Scott1234

    This is the hight of evil.

    Celebrating a day on which to officially ridicule the beliefs of others – congratulations!

    What if there was a day to make fun of blacks or gays? I am sure there are alot of stereotypes you can use to make for an interesting exhibit….

    Why don’t we see pictures blaspheming Mohammad? Because you are not only anti-Christian bigots but also cowards.

    “Evil is the cup thou offerest, drink thine own poison”

  • William

    Scott: It’s spelled “height”, by the way. Read a book.

    Most self-proclaimed atheists, myself included, do blaspheme all religions equally, if they do at all. You just only care/notice when it’s yours.

    Scott: Your comparison about bigotry is absurd.

    First of all, bigotry implies a “hate” that simply isn’t there, the more accurate emotions would be a mixture of “fear”, “distaste” and perhaps “pity”.

    Second, bigotry implies ignorance. Atheists, by and large, know religious texts far better than the average believers, often as well as priesthood. Not only that, but we tend to know many different religions very well, not just the one, like a believer does. We have to know religion well, for self-defense sake.

    Lastly, this has to be the most absurd hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. Religions, culturally, tend to be bigoted against racial minorities, women, homosexuals and nonbelievers.

    Other christian Americans: If you have to choose between the supporting the First Amendment (i.e. “allowing” Blasphemy Day) or annihilating the First Amendment (i.e. “supporting” god), which do you choose?

  • Sherry

    We gotta give it up here William. These people are unable to see the big picture.

    They refuse to truly understand the concept of religious freedom.

    I don’t understand why they will not look at the theocracy of Iran and get a grip on the danger of theocracy.

    I’m sorry for them because all their religion is to them is the promise of an afterlife.

    They do not truly appreciate their lives and this incredible universe. I truly believe that if man were to develop a way to hold individual consciousness’ in a virtual reality forever and ever, these sad mammals would abandon their “faith” and be storming the research labs. They are sick war-mongers who embrace torture and have kidded themselves that their Jesus would support their inhumanity.

    If they could just drop their desperate fantasies, they would be much more influential and would not want to impose a “Holy Crusade” on the innocent and unwilling.

    I am embarrassed by their hatred and blindness. Their own sacred texts warn against wealth and self-righteousness, but they do not care. They are “saved” by Jesus’ grace and good works do not matter.
    Just ask them. Jeffrey Dahmer is in heaven with Susan Atkins and these kinds of Christians can’t wait to embrace these murderers, all while gleefully believing that Mahatma Ghandi is in Hell.

  • Steve Phelan

    “Atheists, by and large, know religious texts far better than the average believers, often as well as priesthood.” This is simply idiotic, and is itself the best statement of your ignorance regarding religious matters.

    Second, to know “religion” as such tells you little about the faith of a believer. That’s like saying “I know atheists”, rendering their supposed unbelief in a nice little axiom, and feeling superior for the effort. Nonsense. Atheists often have many different degrees and facets of their belief and/or unbelief. Not being an atheist (at least not for any extended period of time), I won’t pretend to know what it’s like, and thus, what it actually entails.

    If you think Christians defending their faith is tantamount to a theocracy, then you’re right, we are wasting our time. If you can’t tell the difference between Islam and Christianity, you’re just a blind ideologue. And if you pull the lazy “well, throughout history, Christians have been violent, too…”, then I answer “Sure, although they’re not nearly as destructive as the atheist regimes of the 20th century, Christians have indeed done some terrible things.”

    When you want to boldly stand up to “religion”, you walk out tired bromides about Christianity knowing that at most you’ll get flamed in a comment thread, and leave Islam untouched. Hypocrites and cowards, all.

  • newman54

    First off…….evreryone needs to google “the battle of lepanta” and go get a rosary and learn how to pray it asap. It is not praying to Mary….it is praying the Gospels….the life of Christ. Second of all…….hurry up and put on Glenn Beck! He is coming on now!

  • Unstrung

    @Scott1234 Making fun of a trait that someone does not choose (race or sexual orientation) is one thing. Making parody of someone’s baseless beliefs is another. Give me proof and maybe I’ll stop laughing.

    Christianity is the dominant religious belief in America. We do have freedom of religion, but there are many who push for more religious involvement in government, education, military, etc. Secularists fear their country becoming a theocracy. That is why it tends to be the focus here.

    Freedom requires vigilance against those who would indoctrinate with false information about how the universe actually works.

    @Trimelda The ad hominem attack of “Atheist” regimes leading to the deaths of millions is a fallacy.

  • steve phelan

    Unstrung: Do you know what “ad hominem” means? How was her comparison between the death toll of Christianity and that of atheism “ad hominem”? Are you a moron? Ad hominem means something directed “at a man” or in this context, at a person, with the implication being that such an “attack” is a distraction from the overall point. How is her charge ad hominem? She attacks murderous atheistic regimes and you take offense? That says much more about you than about her argument.

    And while we’re at it, do you know what a fallacy is? What precisely did she say that was “a [logical] fallacy”. Or are you just saying that you don’t like to be reminded about atheistic regimes’ history of violence?

  • Leonard

    I found your message to Unstrung pretty funny.
    What better way to explain an ad hominem attack than to do it yourself? Asking someone if they are a moron isn’t very nice. Is this the way you expect others to treat you?
    Now, do you have a point about freedom of speech? After all, that is what Blasphemy Day is about.

  • newman54

    Woops….got it a little wrong. Google…..”battle of lepanto” and read it and get a rosary and get with the program…..we are running out of time. Pray the rosary….just do it.

  • Leonard

    I noticed that the name of the battle was wrong, thanks for the correction.
    Please explain why you mentioned it. And what it has to do with praying the rosary. And what we are running out of time for ??? Or not.
    Again, the topic here WAS freedom of speech and Blasphemy Day. Let us make it so again.

  • Dathi

    While some of it’s rites & practices may seem medieval to outsiders – and therefore a ripe object for ridicule – Catholicism/Christianity has been the single greatest influence to increased world peace & expanded human rights and democracy the world over.

    And while I’m no organized religion nut, you don’t have to be one to see that the extreme carnage of the 20th century was primarily caused by Nazism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Maoism…all of these “ism’s” were Atheist forms of government, no?

    William/Sherry…why so angry? all that hatred can’t be good for a body.

    Newman54…what’s your point about Lepanto? Are you implying that that the growth Islam is NOT an existential threat to our democracy?

  • Darshia Loo

    Finally . . . something to shout from the mountain tops. Happy Blasphemy Day!

  • Anon

    to everyone who says that christianity is a peaceful religion look up the following terms: crusades and, spanish inquisition these should be enough proof that peace is not attained through religion also if god exists let him strike me down on this day to prove his existence
    happy blastphemy day folks peace the **** out

  • Dathi

    Thanks for pointing out the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition Aaron, I’d almost forgotten (snicker).

    You’re perfectly correct – the Catholic Church needs to do something about the all the Crusadin’ and Inquisitin’ that’s been going on around here lately. Gives them a bad name.

    /sarc off.

    Has the church been brutal in the distant past? sure. But compare this to the brutality that goes on amongst and between non-christian entities RIGHT NOW.

    The Crusades & the inquisition are events which happened a very long time ago and in a brutal period for the whole planet, not just for Catholicism. Through the process of the enlightenment The Church was able to evolve beyond aggression/brutality. This is not true for those societies beyond Christianity, from which we hear horrible tales of Imprisonment Murder, Rape and Mutilation. It seems that even today, life is cheap for those societies which are beyond the pale in Christian terms.

  • Our government has passed a law making it a crime to offend adherents of any religion, including, for example, Scientologists and Moonies.

    This means that if somebody decides to be offended by something I say, I’m a criminal.

    What do you think of that?

  • Dathi


    Are you a fellow Oirishmsan?

  • I’m Irish, but I’m not Oirish.

  • Dathi

    Apologies. …and condolences, Bock.

    I think it’s horrible – no government should have the right to tell an individual what he or she can or cannot say.

    Does this count over the internet as well? I’m here in NYC, so I’m not sure how Irish Law applies on a cross-atlantic correspondence…It’s all so very confusing and totally unneccessary.

    I promise though, not to be offended by anything you say ;-)…

    Is there any hope of reversing this monstrosity ?

  • Leonard

    Thanks for the rare on-topic post. I think the law you mention is awful and antithetical to freedom.
    And it is exactly the sort of thing that Blasphemy Day is meant to highlight and oppose.

  • Dathi

    Ahh…I’d like to rephrase….

    “no government should have the POWER to tell an individual what he or she can or cannot say”.

    Individuals have rights. Governments have powers.


  • It’s a disgrace and it goes a long way to explaining why we wanted to hold a national blasphemy day in our country, as a means of mass disobedience to a stupid and oppressive law.

    It’s political correctness gone insane.

    In the US it would be unconstitutional to pass such a law.

  • Dathi


    Where did this law come from? The stories I’ve seen say that the whole country was blind-sided by it, and that no-one could see the reasoning behind it.

  • That’s correct. When the defamation law was being updated, this provision was slipped in at the end. “Blasphemous libel” is the precise offence defined under the new law and as you say, nobody could figure out why it was introduced. It’s lunacy.

  • Dathi

    Happy Blasphemy Day, Bock!

    Cut & paste, My Man. If you dare 😉

  • Dathi

    Oh, and “Slainte !”

  • I would have no hesitation copying and pasting it but if it were not for the article’s condescending and patronising tone.

    This is a pity, as much of what he says makes sense.

  • Dathi


    He’s COE, what do you expect (can’t I say that now?).

    Says so himself…”Church of England, worshipping Jesus with a sight air of superiority since AD 597″. LOL!

    Archbishop Cranmer is a very funny religion writer who gores all oxes thoroughly and equally. But If I’m hearing you correctly, he now has to worry about someone in Ireland (or perhaps someday anywhere in the EU) coming across his website and crying “offense”!

    Someone has not thought out properly the full consequences of enacting this law.

    Do people think that this really has to do with continued access to Middle-east oil?

  • Fascinating.

    I am an atheist, and I’ve been reading through these comments. I was expecting a lot of the “This artist will roast in hell” and “This is a hate crime against christians” type comments, and they are certainly there; but I am pleasantly surprised to see a fairly vocal minority of christians standing up for Ms. Ellyn’s right to express her views through her art.

    If I may: Ms. Ellyn’s point, to me, is not that she hates christians or christianity (as some have opined here); rather, she is calling attention to some of the more farfetched claims of christianity (transubstantiation, for example) and in the process demonstrating that open criticism of religion is still considered prima facie evidence of spitefulness and depravity, whereas criticism of atheism is always open season.

    I would be willing to bet that many of Ms. Ellyn’s most vicious detractors have themselves expressed criticism and scorn for atheists, or for people of other faiths, without being aware of how hypocritical this is. In fact, I don’t even have to leave this comments page to settle that bet; many of the comments are proof enough. I think that’s her point; she’s trying to show the hypocrisy and inequity of “you may not say anything bad about me and my religion, you filthy immoral unbeliever,” and is accomplishing this through art designed to elicit just that hypocritical response.

    So, those of you who posted comments full of hatefulness and scorn, spewing vicious hopes that Ms. Ellyn would shut up and go away, or burn in hell for expressing herself – congratulations, you have been manipulating into doing exactly what she wanted, and have helped her make her point. And to those who were able to rise above it and stand up for her right to criticize, congratulations as well; you put a more civilized and intelligent face on religion, and help make up for the bitter and hateful people that so often become religion’s default public face.

  • Whoops. “Manipulated.” Not “manipulating.” My bad.

  • Dathi

    Jeepers dwasifar, I think you give Ms Ellyn’s infantile attempts at “Art” way too much credit.

    Trust me when I tell you that not much thought went into these pieces other than a not-so clever play on words – maybe a third grade attempt at wordplay.

    Additionally, most Christians I know hate the sin, but assume Jesus will forgive the sinner…self-promoting non-believers included.

    btw, if you liked “Jesus does his nails” you’re gonna love “the rape tunnel”. Gotta love what these self-professed artists can do to promote understanding of the universal human condition!!…

  • > “Trust me when I tell you that not much thought went into these pieces other than a not-so clever play on words – maybe a third grade attempt at wordplay.”

    Why, exactly, should I trust you to tell me this? Do you have some personal contact with the artist, or some other way of knowing for certain? If not, why should your judgment carry any more weight than mine?

    If you don’t agree with her points or her way of expressing them, that’s fine; you’re not required to. But just because you disapprove of her doesn’t mean she’s necessarily thoughtless or infantile. You need more evidence than just your personal distaste.

  • Dathi

    Lighten up lad, “trust me” was just a figure of speach. This type of thing (I won’t call it art) is by definition subjective, and we’re all entitled to our opinion, of course. If you say that this is a meaningful work of art to you, then who am I to disagree?

    And if I tell you that my Golden Retreiver just deposited a meaningful work of art on my back lawn – how can you disgree with me?…seems to fit your the bill; Bailey seems like he’s thinking of important things when he’s doing his business and the end result is highy offensive after all. So it must be Art!

  • Dathi

    Ah, who am I kidding…most art today is produced (I will not use the word “created”) by self-important poseurs. Humanism? never even occurs to these nihilistic SOBS.

    Want proof? Check out this quote that the German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen said on September 17, 2001:
    … Stockhausen… called the attack on the World Trade Center ”the greatest work of art that is possible in the whole cosmos.” Extending the analogy, he spoke of human minds achieving ”something in one act” that ”we couldn’t even dream of in music,” in which ”people practice like crazy for 10 years, totally fanatically, for a concert, and then die.” Just imagine, he added: ”You have people who are so concentrated on one performance, and then 5,000 people are dispatched into eternity, in a single moment. I couldn’t do that. In comparison with that, we’re nothing as composers.”

    And to get back to the subject of the thread….go ahead, be as blasphemous or as profane as you like…just don’t try to insult me and say that I don’t appreciate good art.

  • Steve Phelan

    So a hack artist makes amateurish “art”, claims she doesn’t want to offend anyone, and her defenders here claim for her that Christians’ offense was exactly her intent. Hm…. I agree that she is fundamentally dishonest, that she was obviously lying when she said she didn’t mean to offend anyone, because, again, that’s what blasphemy MEANS. But to defend her against her own statement… that takes some serious unseriousness.

    And actually, dwasifar, the evidence required is not of her infantile views – that evidence leaps from the image she has produced. The counterevidence is required – that these cliches actually had some deeper meaning to them. I don’t see it, but I’ll listen to such an explanation.

    Who really considers it bold to offend Christians anyway? And has anyone who has followed any urban art scene NOT seen the Jesus/Easter Bunny riff before? Several times at least? And the emo kids gather round and pretend as if it is all so bold.

    Again, I await the first bold anti-muslim artist. Actually, Theo van Gogh made a strong statement challenging Muslims’ attitudes towards women, and his head was severed almost completely from his body. NYT wouldn’t even run the tepid Mohamed cartoons, but they ran several stories and photos of “Piss Christ” and other offensive Mapplethorpian “art”. Then they lectured us about how it was offensive to run the cartoons and we should be more sensitive toward those of other faiths.

    Hypocrites and cowards, all.

  • andrew

    Blasphemy is SIN.

    Christians object to sin, not the right to sin.

    Christians are, by virtue of their religion likely to commit a sin of omission by failing to object. The object of their complaint is directed toward the honoring of God through Whose Mercy we exist at this moment. Those denying this truth–found in nature also–will know it to be true at the moment they die.

    Blasphemy is wrong because it offends a person, God.
    Blaspheming detracts from what makes humans whole and healthy.
    Humans are made in the image and likeness of God
    Blasphemy invites punishment as a correction.
    Condone or committing blasphemy invites a severe mercy.
    God proves his love by chastening us.
    Accepting the correction is acceptance of God’s care
    Rejecting God–especially by Blasphemy–makes one a [REDACTED BY RNS]
    So, be a child of God, be completed in the image of God.
    To Blaspheme is to conform oneself to the image of the Devil
    —or, at least schedule an appointment to see the doctor
    about an extreme form of Tourette’s Syndrome

  • Leonard

    You make several statements that are not well grounded in established fact. Choosing just one:
    “Blasphemy detracts from what makes humans whole and healthy”. Please give evidence that this is the case. The obvious counter-argument is that stifling freedom detracts from our health. This is, as the writers of the Declaration is Independence said, self-evident.
    You also state that “Blasphemy invites punishment as a correction”. Really, says who? Who decides what is blasphemy and who does the punishment?
    You medical opinion is, shall we say, interesting.
    Alas, Blasphemy Day is past and no great divine retribution is apparent. Perhaps it will come later but I’m willing to take that chance.

  • Phoenix

    It is a strange thing, this bickering over what someone does or does not believe. Some individuals here go out of their way to attack other individuals, to put them down, belittle them, simply because their beliefs differ. Is this the sign of a mature species?

    To the vocal atheists – if you are afraid of religion dominating your life, look at your own behavior. Is it not already the case? If opposing religion is your primary purpose, then it is already your master by way of your deeds. Perhaps you should concentrate on bettering yourselves than worrying about what other people believe.

    To the vocal religious – You have no right to say someone will burn in hell. According to scripture, only God has dominion over one’s eternal fate. Perhaps you would be better served by demonstrating what your God tells you to do and set an example with your life as opposed to condemning people or worrying about winning arguments with people who have no interest in changing their opinions.

    As long as this kind of petty bickering continues in the world, all of your real problems will go unsolved. It would be wiser to learn to live with each other and accept each others differences than to attempt to stamp them out. Is diversity not to be celebrated? What does it matter what someone believes or does not believe as long as it is not leading to violence? Religion is just one aspect of human existence. It is individual humans who decide to act or not act violently or oppressively toward each other. If you want to know the cause of your troubles, I suggest you begin by looking in the mirror. Human nature remains constant regardless of religious persuasion.

  • Jake

    Bravo, Phoenix! Nicely said. I just hope you don’t get flamed for posting this, but ironically, you probably will.

  • Sherry

    BTW, there is a comic strip named “Jesus and Mo” where Abraham visits frequently. It brazenly depicts the human head of each of the three monotheistic religions. No cooties there either.

  • Unstrung

    @steve phelan – Yes, I know what an ad hominem attack is. Otherwise I would not have brought it up. Thank you for defining it for the thread. I called it an ad hominem attack because she was suggesting those regimes were murderous because they were “atheistic”. It is also a fallacy to say christianity is bad just because of the deaths from the crusades and inquisition.

    The state religion of communist russia was stalinism not atheism. The state religion of communist china was Maoism not atheism. The problem is dogma not atheism. Pointing to these regimes and saying “see what they did! atheism [or the beliefs of that government/country] is bad!” is a fallacy.

  • Dathi


    I think we’re working from different dictionaries. Atheism in the usual sense means “no belief in God.”

    I’m sure Joe Stalin and Mao tse-tung were very powerful figures, but no one is going to confuse them with a diety or their followers as worshippers in religion. Could you be confusing religion & political structure?

    Please provide an example of an Athiestic society that WAS NOT brutal & murderous.

  • Dathi

    Thanks for the Jesus/Mo link, Sherry.

    Very funny – I love the way the fellas hang out at a pub every now and then and seem to enjoy a jar (or possibly two).

  • Unstrung, you are quoting Webster who falsely defined Atheism.
    American Atheists are people who demand proof from believers who allege deities exist. The false definition is a negative assuming “god” is a proper noun extant as a being.
    We Atheists are not believers.
    Believers must define, show proof for their alleged deities.
    We Atheists have no burden to prove a negative.
    As for fascist regimes, Stalin was a Jesuit. His cult of personality demanded loyalty to him and his apparatchiks. The Soviet Union was not Atheism in action. No one was free to demand proof from the Communist Party there. Instead, Leninist ideology was institutionalized by Stalin as a long list of platitudes which resembles American Theocracy in action, NOT HOW ATHEISTS and scientists operate in peer review journals.

  • Trimelda

    To all the atheists who have missed the correlation between Communism and Atheism, let me give you a few quotes:

    The Communist Review, June 1924, Vol. 5, No. 2.
    Marxists Internet Archive (2007)

    “Dear Comrade,

    In the Forum of last month’s issue of the Communist Review, I noticed a very misleading article entitled “Should We Combat Religion,” criticising the action of the Enlarged Executive of the Comintern for attacking religion, and preaching Atheism in the interests of Communism. According to the writing, “it is not religion itself that our Party should fight against, but only the falsification of it in the interests of capitalist society.”

    For a Communist to hold such a confusing opinion is, to say the least, dangerous—both to himself and to the militant interests of the working class.

    According to Frederick Engels, so surely does the acceptance of the materialistic conception of history lead to the exclusion of religion that the attempt to couple them betrays charlatanism, or lack of thought. It is indeed surprising that any member of the Communist Party who naturally accepts the materialistic conception of history, which leaves no room for divine influence in the making of history should wish to introduce religion into the Party. If we adopted religion, the result would be disastrous. I will conclude with the memorable words of Comrade Trotsky—

    “And therefore, we adopt a ruthlessly irreconcilable attitude to anyone who utters a single word to the effect that mysticism or religious sentimentality might be combined with Communism. Religiousness is irreconcilable with the Marxian standpoint.

    “We are of opinion that Atheism, as an inseparable element of the materialist view of life, is a necessary condition for the theoretical education of the revolutionist.

    “He who believes in another world is not capable of concentrating all his passion on the transformation of this one.”

    So I say that Communism is simply government sponsored Atheism. You talk about how many people religion has murdered? Let’s discuss the MILLIONS that this point of view has slaughtered in the past 100 years. Why does atheism seems to lead to genocide? Because for every Christian, Muslim or Jew who led killing of innocents there are a hundred who ran hospitals, schools and orphanages in the name of their God. But get a bunch of atheists together and let them run a government and you get a bunch of dead people. When faced with a fanatically religious person and an atheist, historically speaking, I’d rather have a Believer deciding my fate than a atheist. People who have no sense of Ultimate Justice don’t seem to be able to sustain State sponsored decency.

  • I thought this post was about blasphemy.

  • “falsification of religion for capitalist society” is exactly what the Leninists and Trotskyites said in 1924. Not merging Atheism with their party, but exposing how religion is used to cheat, kill and harm working people. Today, religion is being used by Fire Station 12 rogue fire fighters subverting our US Constitution who planned a government to never again involve itself in crusades, witch hunts, pogroms and “religious tests” prohibited by Article 6 in 1787 and Amendment One in 1791. Come to Charleston, South Carolina and defend freedom from corrupt political hacks and Jerry Falwell armed lawyers who would force Christianity on all of us for their own ends. Our nation stands for equality and neutrality in personal private matters. Honest business people want all customers to be treated equally and fairly. Workers enjoy jobs where all groups are treated with respect, none favored over others. Tell the whole truth everyone, instead of trying to label someone a Communist, Socialist, Democrat, Republican, Green or Libertarian as if any party was wrong and Christians were to decide who is the only right party? The placement of the crucifix on government property is exactly what the Nazi Party did in German Lutheran Catholic theocracy. The current Pope saluted Hitler at Youth Religious Rallies led by dozens of rank and file priests. The entire government of Germany was merged with “god” by putting belt buckles on every soldier that read: “gott mit uns” which translates “god with us.” Beware any religious group who wants to force their identity into the public square, denying equal treatment of gay married couples or Atheists to be fully respected equal citizens with all other religious citizens. To do this “neutrality” is the only workable gov’t policy. That is exactly how the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage licenses were disapproved by hate filled religions and liberal gay religions were discriminated against. By setting neutrality and non-discrimination as policy, individual religions need not allow gay marriages in their churches, but must not stop gay couples from getting a neutral marriage license. Fairness works. Hate fails.

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