Dalai Lama’s D.C. trip reflects unique global portfolio

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WASHINGTON (RNS) If there were a guide book for globe-trotting gurus, its rules might run something like this: 1. Don’t get too involved in politics. 2. Never criticize your host country. 3. Welcome converts to your faith. 4. Act as sage-like as possible. 5. Be wary of science. On his trip to Washington this week, […]

  • Eric McNeish

    The Dalai Lama is one of the most easy going authentic and peaceful people alive today. There are no “Rules” for religious gurus, at least not in buddhism… There is nothing greater than to achieve world piece, and as for your rule num. 5 That’s part of Buddhism, “to have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.” and its actually part of buddhism to become involved in politics. And he wasn’t criticizing the U.S. he was speaking truth when he said the world needs more giving and less taking and when you have a Multi Billion dollar enterprise while people are starving and being tortured and don’t have a sip of clean water to drink, its of the higher consciousness to help others. Its a duty of humanity.