Obamas attend, walk home from church

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President Obama and his family rode to nearby St. John’s Church for worship services Sunday, traveling just across Lafayette Square from the White House. It’s the same Episcopal church he visited on Inauguration Day and on Easter Sunday. The service included prayers for the president and a sermon from seminarian Mike Angell, who spoke of […]

  • Elizabeth

    I’m afraid the Obama family have gotten caught up in security issues. Everytime, they have gone to a church service in DC, the congregations had been jammed with people trying to get in. The threats against this President continues to rise and so security is a problem for every congregation his family might try to join. Mr. Obama is concerned about the effect that their presence has on the congregation’s ability to have a worship service. At Camp David, the chapel is on the grounds and only a few regularly worship there. Apparently the Bush family also found it easier to attend than a church in DC. It is sad, but in today’s times it appears our President and his family cannot worship in the church of their choice in Washington.

  • c.j.

    To the comment above,

    You mean to tell me the most powerful man in the world can’t get into a church because of security reasons? If that is a “reason” its a total copout. The guy can go to N.Y. musicals and hamburger shops.
    Give me a break!

  • Roy S. Tenn

    This is a good sign that hopefull will put the President on the right track in preserving the lives of the unborn who need our protection.

  • Noreen

    Mr. Obama seems to like attending churches of different denominations which is fine since he doesn’t appear to belong to any one denomiation. But I see standing next to him, VP Biden and his wife. What’s he doing in an Episcopal church on Sunday. I thought he claimed to be a Catholic. Isn’t he in the wrong church?!!

  • Dora

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this “service” was in some room in the White House, manufactured to get everybody off his back because he doesn’t attend church regularly. That would explain why Biden and his wife are there–props as usual!