Religion in the News!

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fall09Cover_art.jpgAs you can see, the new issue of Religion in the News leads with the notorious C Street house, which figures in both the editor’s column on The Family and Marie Griffith’s examination of L’Affaire Sanford. Andrew Walsh reviews the Tiller murder blame game, not without tough words for the (who us?) pro-life community. On the Middle Eastern front, Molly Fitzgerald assesses the warm reception for Obama’s Cairo speech; Babak Rahimi reports from Tehran on the Iranian protests; and Ron Kiener and Sarina Roffé offer outsider and insider looks at the Syrian-Jewish graft-and-money-laundering scandal.

Next, Christine McMorris takes on the horror story of child abuse by religious orders in Ireland. Andrew Manis does a number on the shrinking Southern Baptists. Frank Kirkpatrick makes sense of the latest Episcopalian resolutions. And Andrew Walsh (again) tells you what nobody else has about religion in the Michael Jackson send-off. Knock yourselves out.