Thursday’s religion round-up

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Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s increasingly zealous religious views raised red flags for doctors who oversaw his medical training, but they tried to channel it into something positive. Abortion rights supporters want a meeting with President Obama, presumably about the health-care reform bill passed by the House last Saturday. As Obama prepares to visit Asia, Chinese […]

  • That Japan’s Ichiro Ozawa, the secretary general of the ruling Democratic Party, criticizes Christianity is too bad. To call Christianity “extremely exclusive and a self-righteous religion” is a harsh and shows how grateful Americans should feel about living in the United States. Here, America tries to help other countries no matter what their religious affiliations, and then to have a leader in Japan say such mean things. If you think about true Christianity, it is the most loving religion. Love your neighbor as yourself, help others, be selfless. When it comes to exclusivity, God loves the entire world, including Japanese. It is very clear in God’s word the bible that Jesus came for all. Christians do so much to help others and Japan needs to recognize this. And America has helped Japan in so many ways, when there are natural disasters, America is there to assist.