A Happyish Thanksgiving

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This is how we Nutmeggers used to do it:

Thanksgiving.jpgThat is:

ALTHOUGH, Considering the Judgments of GOD, which are on the Earth, in the great Distress & Desolation brought upon many Nations, both by WAR and PESTILENCE,

AND Considering also particularly, the awful Tokens of GOD’s Righteous Anger against us, Especially in the Contagious SICKNESS which has been in divers Places of the Land, and in the continued RAINS, by which great Losses have been sustained, It becomes us to be deeply Humbled before the LORD.

It is nevertheless our Duty to Acknowledge the many Influences of Divine Goodness, which the LORD whose ways, are not as Ours, has Graciously vouchsafed Us and which are never to be forgotten. Namely,

& cetera.