Israel’s Messianic Jews wary of stepped-up persecution

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ARIEL, West Bank (RNS) After their teenage son was nearly killed last year by a bomb disguised as a holiday gift basket, few people were as eager for Ya’acov Teitel to see justice as Leah and David Ortiz. Teitel, an Orthodox Jewish loner who confessed to placing the package in the family’s stairwell said he […]

  • David Webster

    As one who has great respect for the people and place of Israel, I am truly saddened by the persecution of Messianic Jews.

    The Ortiz family testimony is truly a sign of the amazing grace of our God.

    My prayer is that I will have the privilege one day of visiting Israel and getting to meet people like the Ortiz family — to learn from them and sit at the feet of a “Messianic Jew” teacher, to prepare me for when the Messiah returns. I am “born again” but would so like to learn from my Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ.



  • Daniel

    Excuse me, this is not persecution. This is a crazy guy that decided to kill someone. Do you have any idea what kind of terrorist threat ordinary Israelis are subject to? Thousands of people have been killed here for being Jews. There have also been many thousands of Muslims killed in wars. If you are going to live in a place with multiple religions, and lots of fanaticism, bad things can happen. If you move to Israel, you can be a victim of a terrorist attack. Being American or from a small sect does not mean you are more special than everyone else.