At 88, nun keeps pushing for controversial pope’s sainthood

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MORRISTOWN, N.J. (RNS) Nearly 20 portraits of Pope Pius XII line the walls of Sister Margherita Marchione’s office, and dozens of smaller likenesses fill shelves. There are also a pair of his shoes, his white zucchetto (or skullcap), and a gold reliquary containing two handkerchiefs and a strand of his hair. It is a veritable […]

  • Helene Pineau

    Ironic quote from Mr. Foxman when speaking of Sister Margherita: “She’s already made up her mind that Pius is a saint..”

    I would contend that the same thing applies to the virulent opponents of Pius XII who ignore history and for the most part have ‘made up their minds that he is a devil’ and without critical examination of all the data have swallowed hook line and sinker the lies and smear campaign levelled against this man.

    Although several authors have given first-hand accounts of Pius XII’s tireless efforts during WWII to hide and offer sanctuary to the Italian Jews, I would refer the skeptics to, among other articles, an editorial from the Salisbury Review re-printed with permission by the Catholic League (link below)

    There is also the question of culpability among other Western nations regarding their non-action during WWII – the US, England, Canada, etc. We should take out the log in our own eyes before pointing out the splinter in the Pope’s.

  • tom mcewen

    I am amazed at the comments against the war time pope, the USA built 250,000 airplanes 7000 warships and had 11,000,000 men under arms and did not save a jew until 1945 where as the pope was one man in a city of the axis who did not have a single soldier with a modern weapon but he had jewish families spilling out church building through out the axis zone, you will see nuns and priests going in to the camps, as far as I know the pope before was killed on the orders of Hitler by his doctor sent by the italian leader
    amazing amazing 

  • AvantiBev

    How sad that more Italo-Americans do not know the history of philo-semitism among the Italian people and that 80% of all Jews (Italian and those who had fled to Italy) survived the war. No Jews were deported to camps outside Italy until 1943 when after Mussolini was deposed, Italy was invaded. At that time many Jews were issued falsified papers, birth and baptismal certificates and many lived among their neighbors who kept their secret. More Jews survived WWII and the holocaust in Italy than any other Nazi occupied country except Denmark.
    Foxman doesn’t know his history but then sadly my fellow Italians have not insisted on reporting it. Check out Walter Wolff’s book:
    BAD TIMES, GOOD PEOPLE about spending his war years in Italy.

  • Michel L Tisdale

    I find it interesting and joyful that as history becomes older, as do we, that the acts of the few (done in secret) finally come to light and it is proven that ‘the devil’ we thought we knew becomes saintly. I hope that Pius XII does become a saint just as I also hope that John Paul II doesn’t, at least right away. I have always thought that sainthood should come at least 20 maybe 30 years after they die. That way all the deeds both good and bad can be seen in the cold light of day and not influenced by sentiment. There are of course always exceptions, Mother Teresa, that come to mind.