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(RNS) As politicians and voters try to measure the impact of the new health care reform bill, filmmaker Martin Doblmeier releases “The Adventists,” a documentary about a Christian denomination that’s often praised for its health care model. The Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle includes exercise, vegetarianism and rest. As a result, national studies have shown that Adventists […]

  • Dennis Fischer

    The Mormons claim that the Adventists stole their health message. Both religions claim that the literal “visions” of their founders were responsible for their stance of health. Interestingly, Mormonism (with its prohibitions against alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tobacco) preceded Seventh-day Adventism in the nineteenth century, and they also live longer than the general population.

    However, with the general population in America being more and more health-conscious, the longevity advantages of Adventism and Mormonism are increasingly less significant. As a former Seventh-day Adventist for more than 50 years, I can honestly testify that their going to church on Saturday is not a decisive factor in stress. The truth is, that in Adventism, the observance of the Jewish Sabbath is very stressful with their social and religious obligations. They have virtually no time for physical rest on Saturdays.

    Dennis J. Fischer

  • Flor

    Well done documentary.
    It´s not really a matter of whose message it was first or second or third. I believe it was just a very well presented documentary, no bias, just very open and interesting. Looking forward to the next one. Martin´s documentary on Forgiveness was very powerful and beautifully done. Way to go Martin.

  • Bonita

    I too was raised SDA. Although I’m no longer a practicing Adventist their health message and day of rest are two of the things I most appreciate about my upbringing. I look forward to seeing this documentary.

  • End Time Truth

    The post by Dennis Fischer is very wrong. I am a SDA and observe the Sabbath day. The Sabbath is a day of rest and isn’t a stressful time with “social and religious obligations.” The comment that we “have virtually no time for physical rest” is really conjecture. The Sabbath is a day of fellowship with believers in worship setting and after worship a time of outdoor enjoyment of nature, rest, and helping others in need. Its really a time of refreshing! People get together and laugh, play, reflect on God and His works in our lives in praises. I’m sorry if Mr. Fischer learned about the Sabbath as being burdensome. I apologize for whomever showed him that, because that is not what it is about. It is just as God said, it is a delight that I look forward to every week!