Evangelicals and the Tea Partiers

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In a comment below, Darren Sherkat questions the (moral) legitimacy of those in the evangelical world who have encouraged Tea Party extremism. In that regard, it’s worth running down the list of those who have signed on to Sojourners’ “Covenant for Civility,” a Christian interfaith document designed to tamp down war of words (and worse). The National Association of Evangelicals is well represented, and it’s good to note Charles Colson’s name and representatives of a host of other evangelical organizations.

But conspicuous by absence is anyone from the Southern Baptist Convention, whose prime spokesman on public policy issues, Richard Land, has been among the most vociferous opponents of HCR. Maybe Tea Party activism is part of the Great Covenant Resurgence.

  • Jack

    Just like a church can outlive itself and without proper guidance fold up; so might the SBC implode. Then the value of Social Security, Medicare and other programs would be evident to all whether Democrat or Republican,Baptist,Jewish or Catholic and under those circumstances we/they might find it easier to act like a religion and be nice.