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Commonweal‘s judicious editorial on the Catholic crisis, including a swipe at the NYT and a sharp reminder for Benedict’s apologists.

My colleague Ron Kiener’s remorseless flaying of anti-Israel propagandist Norman Finklestein and his promoters.

Michael Barkun’s assessment of the anti-Rapturist Hutaree and its antecedents.

  • Gee, the implied “so called Jew” tenor of the ad hominem attack on Finkelstein is quite reminiscent of Barkun’s detailed descriptions of Christian Identity theologies….But, I suppose rabid Zionists and Christian anti-Semitic Zionists aren’t too far afield. Finkelstein may be a bit hyperbolic, but I imagine that anyone whose been unjustly fired from their tenure-tracked job would be a bit over the top. Sorry to see your colleague weighing in so heavily for uncritical viewpoints, and for supporting political movements to fire other professors. I would think Jews would know better.