Barbie gets ordained, and has the smells-and-bells wardrobe to match

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(RNS) With her careers as veterinarian, astronaut and U.S. president behind her, Barbie has at last found her true calling: as a second-career Episcopal priest. The 11.5-inch-tall fictional graduate of Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, Calif., has donned a cassock and surplice and is rector at St. Barbara’s-by-the-Sea in (where else?) Malibu, […]

  • L. Baker

    What is the name of the FB page? I would love to find this.

  • dina Little

    Yeah, way to teach kids respect for the clergy: “Lets strip down Pastor Barbie and throw her in the tree! Let’s see if Ken rescue’s her…no wait, he’s getting his hair done, let’s send in GI Joe!”

    Eh…I’m not impressed. Barbie always end up naked and in the bathtub.

  • Christian from San Diego

    Since Anglican Orders are absolutely null and utterly void, these Barbie costumes mirror the emptiness of the “Episcopal priest(ess)”: pseudo priests ordained by pseudo bishops in a pseudo church, all thanks to Henry VIII, Thomas Cranmer, Thomas Cromwell, Elizabeth I, etc., etc. And now, thanks to all the liberal imitators of these people in the Catholic Church since the 1960s, we have to endure endless disgraceful headlines and stories contained in the New York Times, the Boston Globe and other rags.

  • Wally

    It’s nice to pretend!!!

  • Look at it this way. The Episcopalians have ordained a lot worse. They even made some of ’em bishops.

  • This is FUN and shows that female episcopal priests have a great sense of humour – unlike some of the vitriol in some of these comments.

    However, sadly I fear this would never happen in the Church of England. I’d LOVE an episcopal Barbie, but I’m certain they will never arrive over here, more’s the pity.

  • Timothy

    Perfect! Once again, the Episcopalians have shown themselves impossible to satirize. Deacon Ken and his “friend” Stephen! These people are beyond loony. Cleaver-Bartholomew needs create a “Parishioner Patty” doll, so there will be somebody out there listening as Bishop Barbie announces that the Church is shutting its doors forever. But seriously, if Cleaver-Bartholomew wants to make some money, she needs to market this creation wisely. I know about 100 orthodox RCs who would buy one immediately. This could become a MUST HAVE cult item for serious Catholics.

  • Julia

    I think this is great and should be mass-produced. Why shouldn’t little girls be able to consider Barbie (and themselves) being a priest or minister? After all, they see Barbie in a myriad of other careers.

  • Betty

    Poor RC’s… Is your gigantic scandal becoming so overwhelming that you’ve lost your collective sense of humor? Oh wait…you never had one.

  • John

    As if ANY female Episcopal priest looked even REMOTELY like this. I eagerly await Rev. “Peace and Justice” Barbie, replete with rainbow stole, gaudy church banner, and autographed Mary Daly book tucked underarm.

  • JC Fremont

    Only highlights the mess that TEC got itself into.

  • weeping for Christ

    Now that Ken and his “friend” are in place, why not get started on the Islamocopalian Priestess Barbie for TEC’s mixed-minister in Seattle?

  • Rev. 2

    Congrats to you, Julie!! A sure sign of emotional and spiritual security is the ability to see God’s presence, and yes, God’s sense of humor in everyday life. Jesus taught using mustard seeds, vines, home foundations, etc., so why not teach with generous imagination and Barbie? According to Scripture, Jesus and Paul included some female leaders among the male disciples according to their gifts. As an Episcopal priest, this RNS post made me smile. While I don’t want to be Barbie–perfect, silent, superficial, I am no more disturbed by Barbie, Episcopal priest, than I am by Dr. Barbie or Vet Barbie or Atty. Barbie or Teacher Barbie or Barbie, Queen of the Prom, nor have I modeled my life on anything other than God’s call, partial and imperfect, to make room for many voices at God’s Welcome Table.

  • Aristophilos

    Only women priests could have imagined this one! Shows how stifled the male imagination really is…

    Pax. Aristophilos

  • Kathy

    I like this. The Episcopal Church is about the only place a woman can be a priest. Girls need to know they can grow up and be an Episcopal priest, just like Bobby down the street. She is not only welcome in the church, but can lead her parish. This is wonderful!!
    As for Barbie ending up naked in a bath tub, yes that will probably happen but priests take baths and they don’t usually do it clothed. Police officers and plumbers and doctors and corporate executives take baths too.


  • How long till we also have “Cult Member Barbie”.

    She wouldn’t come with any accessories, as the cult would provide all her needs. Perhaps she’ll have a Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter to “audit” the other members.

  • Ann D. Heresonemore

    Truth can be found in the strangest places.

  • Dave M.

    I wonder if Priestess Barbie’s companion Bible includes Leviticus 20: 18 or I Corinthians 14:34-35. What am I saying? I forgot, the Bible is just a fashion accessory for most Episcopalians.

  • ahem

    No, I’m afraid girls don’t need to know they can grow up to be Episcopal priests. You can not just change two thousand years of church doctrine for the sake of some fleeting gramscian political correctness. No.

    That’s why men are leaving the church: like everything else in western society, it’s become emasculated. Your thinking is contaminated by leftist propaganda.

  • LY

    All the vitriolic hate and ignorance against Episcopalians in these comments illustrates why so many are running as far away from Christianity and the church as they can. They think we’re *all* like that. But no–there are still pockets of sanity where Jesus’ teachings of love and forgiveness are still honored. I’m proud to say that I believe many Episcopal congregations are just such places. Mine certainly is.

    I love Episcopal Priest Barbie! Go girl!

  • Basil

    What is Episcopalan Barbie’s theological position on the Resurection of Christ? The same as Bishop Spong?

  • Gareth Smith

    Well at least Barbie cannot sodomise altar boys!

  • ahem

    No, it’s not vitriolic hate; it’s the fact that church doctrine can’t be changed at our whim. If you don’t believe in Christian Church doctrine as it has existed and been expounded for 2000 years, then create another church with its own set of beliefs, and join it–just don’t call it Christianity, because it’s not.

    The meaning of words is important.

  • The idea of girls playing with ecclesiastical dolls at all is rather amusing. I have a hunch the girls would be playing “church picnic” more often than they’d be playing “church sermon.” Gotta give Barbie’s Dream Kitchen something to do.

    Maybe some college psych class could test out my hypothesis. Collect some kids and some dolls representing a variety of professions, clergy included, and see how the kids roleplay the various professions.

  • “Pope Ken I, anyone????”

    As long as it’s not Mod Hair Ken. 🙂

  • Otis, my man!

    Does this mean Barbie is a lesbian?

  • Kirk D. Lyons

    No, Barbie is a heretic priestess

  • Heh

    Most american protestants find Episcopalians fairly ridiculous too, like nerds desperate to look cool by parroting trendy beliefs.

  • Basil

    Good point, Ahem. Sadly the episcopalan and much of the Anglican Church has become trendy feel good social commentators – inclusive of everything. The only thing heretical in the Anglican Church today is to call somebody a heretic. Tis very sad.

  • not impressed

    Ech. This is old – the Egalitarian Jews did the whole trangressive-Barbie-assumes-religious-male-roles-ooh-how-daring two years ago

  • Kirk D. Lyons

    The sad joke in the Presbyterian Church USA is – we’re a conservative congregation – we have woman pastor – but she’s not a lesbian. It is so hard to be trendy and a Christian.

  • Dotar Sojat

    That African Diocese in the US just go a bit bigger, and Bishop Kate wonders where all the parishoners are going.

  • Ahem — so, where do you stand on the rite of confession? On the status of priests who have fallen in some way short of perfection? What’s your opinion on military service by people identifying themselves as Christian? On marriage? On slavery? On church organization? On the importance of circumcision?

    If you’re going to claim a 2000-year history for the church, and support “Christian Church doctrine as it has existed and been expounded for 2000 years,” I’d be interested in knowing how you define that doctrine. It can’t possibly include the Nicene creed, for instance.

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Christianity ultimately means “what Jesus (and his published peophets – the Apostles) said,” just as Marxism means “what Marx said” and Buddhism means “what Buddha said.” Through biases and garbled transmissions, Christan/Marxist/Buddhist institutions leave out a few items and add extra stuff.

    I have a saying: every denomination is wrong about something. So what does a church have to be right about before it can claim to be Christian? Since a Christian is one who has gained eternal salvation, then the nonnegotiables are the beliefs required for salvation: the eternal God as humanity’s master, the Trinity doctrine, humanity’s fallen nature (in rebellion against God), Jesus’ crucifixion as payment for human sins for those who accept, Jesus’ resurrection (which had to happen since he’s an eternal being).

    (Similarly, Marxism cannot exist without the concepts of class warfare and the desire for the abolition of private commerce, and Buddhism can’t be Buddhism without the Eightfold Path.)

  • b

    huh. I was sent here by someone who thought the miniature costuming was neat.

    *reads comments*


    C’mon, people!

    Nasty, snarling, petty, whiny, “My version of the ‘play nice book’ is TheOnlyRightOne! Everyone else is WRONG, and I’m RIGHT and everyone else is going to burn in hell and I’m NOT *smirk smirk* ’cause I”M RIGHT and you’re RUINING MY FAITH with your version…” and *stabbity stabbity* with hate and malice and viciousness.

    Nice job with the whole Jesus=love thing.
    Maybe you should join Westboro Baptist Church? They’re really into the God=hate thing.

  • I have never felt more warmly disposed towards either Barbie or the Episcopal church than I do after reading so many pointlessly cruel and nasty comments here today.

    Rev. Barbie, I am holding Thee in the Light.

  • I don’t see any “My version of the ‘play nice book’ is TheOnlyRightOne!” talk here, other than the stances on whether women may be priests, or whether there should be priests in the first place (us congregationalists have a different view).

    Ahem claimed that there’s been a consistent church doctrine for 2000 years, Gramina asked what it was, noting several examples of disagreement within the church, and I answered Gramina, citing the most elementary doctrines common to all denominations.

    LY and b, this place downright civil compared to a lot of comments threads out there. Chill. Y’all are the ones getting all hellfire and brimstone, not us.

    I’m just amused at the thought of kids playing church. I think it would be fun to watch.

  • Well, I’m RC and I think ordained Barbie looks adorable! Also, harbor no grudge against Anglicans – it’s a big world. So much for all the stereotypes…

  • Mermaid

    I don’t know about this “Barbie.” It seems to me that ministry isn’t something to trivialize.

  • Is it trivialization, Mermaid? There are dolls of all manner of people, including Popes and Presidents and military heroes. And Barbie has been depicted as a nurse, a veterinarian, an astronaut, a firefighter and in all manner of other important and respectable jobs — why not the clergy, too?

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  • Clark

    I have to say I am praying for those of you who have to live life so serious all the time. Be a human and try to look at things through a child’s eyes. I say BRAVO to the creator I think this is very creative and impressive. I would be honored if either of my daughters played with this barbie!!

  • Joe Schoe

    It would have been cooler if she was ordained online at the ULC or at

  • Jimy

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