I don’t care for Hertzberg’s implication that the “democratic, secularist, liberal, pluralist modern world” is the “teacher” of any religion. Even portraying the former as a “Savior.” This not only has an anti-religious slant, but it slyly implies that this non-religion is the new supreme religion.
    The issue is the need for accountability, not any religious institution needing a “teacher.” Every Church, particularly those that have a top-down authoritarian structure, needs to have a mechanism for accountability. The Catholic Church and other churches with similar structures ought to take note, allowing the “democratic, secularist, liberal, pluralist modern world” to be the way in which accountability is achieved is extremely inefficient, painful, and ultimately self-destructive.
    BTW, Mark, nice factual clarification about the basis and nature of the Catholic Church’s historical and current structure . . . excellent piece.