Thursday’s roundup

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Happy Tax Day, fellow citizens. Tea Partiers, about as happy today as Scrooge McDuck, are descending on their least favorite city and holding rallies across the country to protest (fill in the blank). Speaking at one such rally, Sarah Palin said “we’ll keep clinging to our … guns and religion – and you can keep […]

  • So, I’m a first-time visitor to this site, and I read the headline: “The only secular news and photo service devoted to unbiased coverage of religion and ethics—exclusively.”

    “Cool,” I think. What a great service.

    Then I click over to this blog post and the first thing I read is a snarky sentence describing the Tea Party (e.g. “holding rallies across the country to protest (fill in the blank)”; “You betcha”).

    It’s clear as crystal what the Tea Partiers are protesting (high taxes, Progressive-style big government, high deficits, corruption in government). Yet apparently this website’s “unbiased coverage” doesn’t care to extrapolate.

    Thanks for filling another media stereotype, and thanks for clearly showing why this visitor will never be more than a one-time visitor.