Accused Catholic priests left in limbo

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(RNS) Somewhere in the Vatican, there is a thick file with the Rev. James Selvaraj’s name on it. It’s been there since 2006. A native of southern India, Selvaraj was a guest priest in the Diocese of Trenton, N.J., when he was accused of endangering the welfare of a child in late 2005. Shortly thereafter, […]

  • I personally know this preist for the last 10 years. He is a very holy person. Because of the evilness of the Bishop Smith, Fr. James was crucifed as happend in first and second century. Is this what the Catholic church’s Hierarchy.

  • Jo-Ann Hoffman

    I also personally know Father James. I am a wintness to his innocence and the struggle he is undergoing. The Roman Catholic Church and Bishop John Smith need to recognize this and return to him the dignity he deserves.

  • Frank Hamilton

    No Justice, no peace! Until Fr. James is reinstated by that fake, Phony, fraud Bishop(?) Smith , or he himself is removed from office, I’ll not pay one cent of tribute to the Trenton Diocese. If you really want to see him suffer withhold all contributions to his “Bishop’s Appeal”, until he’s gone or Fr. James is fully re-instated. Bishop Smith is a hippocrite and a liar and should be denied HIS priestly offices by the Pope!

  • Russ

    Friends and pious Catholics it is equally imporant to safeguard the dignity of the Bishops and Vatican as you have love for Fr. Selvaraj and other priests. But we need to keep the holy mother Church in our prayers…

  • Lori

    I too agree with Russ. The enemies of the Church are watching to see how we the faithful respond. I was blessed to know this holy priest along with my children. It is so sad to see this poor man without the smile and joy that was evident on his face at all times! Instead of accusing Bishop Smith, we should seek to help Fr. James. I’m going to post this article on FB and see if there are others who knew and loved him. Maybe together we can ask the Vatican to reinstate him.

  • Frank Hamilton

    I am not “an enemy of the Church”! I am an enemy of hypocrites in positions of power in the Church. The fact is that the Vatican has already ordered Bishop Smith to reinstate Fr. James at least twice and due to his vanity and need to “save face” he has refused to do so. And, because the Church has no effective means for enforcing its rulings at the diocesan level Fr. James is still in limbo. Hopefully, this issue will be rectified once the Vatican finally accepts his long overdue resignation and his replacemnt is officically acknowledged by the Diocese.

  • Lori

    When I said “enemies of the Church”, I was referring to those OUTSIDE of Her. The Liberal media for instance. If what you have said is true than I have no doubt that Bishop Smith will have to give explanation for that in due time. Despite our private feelings, a forum such as this gives those OUTSIDERS fuel for the fire they are burning our beloved Church in.

  • I am taking up the cause of Father as well. My website is monitored by Monsignor’s Vaughn and Bacovin on a daily basis and the highlights shown to Bishop Smith. My suggestion to those directly involved is to send Bishop O’Connell the letters. petitions, and email sent to the diocese already – this will get his attention (see my website and you’ll see that I know what I am talking about). Bruce Novozinsky

  • Trenton Clergy Abuse Victim

    I find this article interesting considering it states that:

    “In 2009, 21 allegations of child sex abuse were made against Catholic priests, according to a report conducted for the U.S. bishops. Four were determined to be unfounded, one accusation was recanted, and eight are still under investigation. ”

    I came forward with creadible evidence and my alligations have still to this day not been reported in the Bishops Conference Report. Because a grand Jury does not find sufficent evidence doesn’t mean the alligations made agianst Selvaraj are false.

    I do not and don’t care to know who Selvaraj is but I will say give respect to the person who came forward. The Victim is not Selvaraj

    I understand probably better then any of you that priest who are so praised and holy can also be evil and hated. In other words to be blunt. Have sexual misconduct with a child on saturday and offer communion on sunday.

    As Stated by Selvaraj:
    ““Before I started this case I had great hope and faith that Rome will take the side of truth and justice and produce a decision,” Selvaraj said. “Now, I see the politics all around the church. There is no justice, no truth.” ”

    This stands true for the victims to. You are not the victim Selvaraj.The Cathoic Church has coverd this problem up for years and it is time the Church stops protecting the wrong person.