Rekers’ ball

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rekers.jpgI’m as ready as any red-blooded ex-journalist to wax hysterical about a good sex-cum-hypocrisy story, and the case of Dr. George Rekers is hard to beat. A leading family values crusader, co-founder of the Family Research Council, expert witness against permitting homosexuals to adopt–he is discovered to have traveled around Europe with a male prostitute he found on carrying his bags. It just doesn’t get any better. Cruise the web and you’ll find it’s the hottest story of the moment, from the blogs on up to the national nets.

So all the more reason to appreciate the measured assessment of Warren Throckmorton, the psychology professor at Grove City College who exemplifies the determination of a committed evangelical to see homosexuality as the empirical evidence shows it to be, and not as the ideologues of his faith would like.

  • Let’s not forget the interesting tidbit of Rekers having adopted a son while at the same time making a career of claiming gays aren’t fit for parenting.
    Much as I tried pitying him at first, it’s hard to maintain anything but apathy after learning a tidbit like that. I suppose that makes me the horrible one.