Rosaries a popular gang tool, not often for prayer

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(RNS) When seventh-grader Raymond Hosier was suspended for wearing rosary beads to school late last month, civil rights groups rushed to his defense. “Without question, the continuing action taken by the school district in punishing Raymond for wearing a rosary to school violates the constitutional rights of our client,” argued Jay Sekulow of the American […]

  • Daniel

    A rosary has 59 beads. In other words, 55 + 4 = 59.

    Apostle’s Creed (said not on a bead, but a crucifix), Our Father, Hail Mary x 3, and 5 decades (one Our Father and 10 Haily Mary prayers each decade = 5 x 11 = 55).

  • Brian

    I was taught by the nuns in grade school never to wear a rosary. It is not a piece a jewelry it is a tool for prayer. In fact I have never seen a practicing Catholic with a rosary around their neck.

  • Rosaries are a beautiful form of prayer, and the creation of them is often a prayerful work of art.

    We can’t ban them just because gangs misuse them as fashion accessories.

  • mary


  • Daniel

    How does a rosary have 155 beads?

  • Daniel Burke

    When it includes a decade for each mystery.

  • The Most Rev. Timothy D. MacLam

    A little under a year ago I saw the beginnings of this in Boston. I noted several African-American men wearing large rosaries as necklaces. Their dress was in the style of many gang members. What I remember thinking before I caught on was:”One is not supposed to wear a Rosary around the neck. Why do they not acknowledge (I was wearing clerical dress)me if they are so devout?” It took me a few days to figure this as gang ID.

    H.G. Bishop Timothy MacLam

  • Daniel

    So Daniel,

    20 mysteries (there are 5 joyful, 5 sorrowful, 5 luminus, and 5 glorius mysteries). Each mystery has 1 Our Father + 10 Hail Mary = 11 beads for each mystery, which equals 220 (20 x 11) beads, excluding the first Our Father and 3 Hail Mary. Am I missing something here?

  • Normal 5-decade Dominican rosary:
    (5 * 11) + 4 = 59 beads

    Full traditional 15 decades, before introduction of the Luminous Mysteries in 2002:
    (15 * 11) + 4 = 169 beads

    20 decade rosary, including Sorrowful, Joyful, Glorious, and Luminous Mysteries:
    (20 * 11) + 4 = 224 beads

  • Meredith

    An intelligent principal would then ask the student to go ahead and PRAY the rosary and write a paper on being Catholic since said student claims religious freedoms. How could they resist if they are so “devout” as to cling to their rosary? 1) Call their bluff 2) Teach them a thing or two about the religion they decided to hide behind….it may actually save their lives.

  • mary

    Their are roadside memorials across America that are more challenging to Catholic religion than a gang supposed gang member wearing a Rosary. Are we going to challenge them as well?

  • justme

    yeah they are definately not gang related its just fashion, maybe people who are in gangs also have one but the rosary i not what the gang is about. thats like saying ” i saw a rapist on the news, he was wearing nikes! gasp! that must mean nikes are a sign that tells you someone raped a person!!!!!” now does that make sense? if it does you have mental problems.