Friday’s roundup

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President Obama called for “reforming our creaky system of legal immigration” at a speech in Washington attended by a number of religious leaders, including some top evangelicals. Illinois megachurch pastor Bill Hybels introduced the president; United Methodist Bishop John Schol delivered the invocation. The White House, it’s clear, sees evangelicals as important allies in the […]

  • Mark Hudson

    So English Methodists are turning their backs on Israel. We might expect it from British Muslims, but the Church? Just proves anti-Semitism is far from dead, even in England. God promised he would bless those that blessed Israel and curse those who cursed Israel. Read your history books, English Methodists. Remember the Pogroms? The Holocaust? Where are those governments now?
    And in supporting Israel, who has tried and tried to make concessions to the Palestinians, who continue to call for the destruction of the state of Israel (and send rockets into their cities from their Lebanese and Gaza bases)and for whom no concessions will ever end that hatred, let us remember our Palestinian/Arab Christian brothers and sisters who converted to Christ while many Jews rejected him. This is not anti-semitism but historical fact. We must support the Christian Church of all ethnic stripes, and also support the historic people of the Old Covenant, who continue to honor God if not in full revelation. Should America or America’s churches follow suit and drop support for Israel, it is the beginningn of the end for us. Mark Hudson, Instructor, Bible, World Religions, Ethics.