Presbyterians take half step on gays, denounce Caterpillar in Israel

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(RNS) In a whirlwind of activity, the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted to lift a ban on partnered gay clergy, but turned down a bid to expand its definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. The more than 700 Presbyterians gathered for their General Assembly in Minneapolis also adopted a 170-page report on the Middle East […]

  • While tolerance seems to be a symptom of todays ever changing outlook on all world views, when does man/woman stand their ground on biblical faith? Where do we as human beings think we have the right to modify Gods written word? In a world, specifically the United States, where we have eliminated God from public schools, were churches have become more of a business than a place of serious worship and fellowship, and where we can seriously discuss, vote and cast aside Gods’ own doctrine, are we truly a country that resembles what our fore fathers fought so hard to achieve? A country based on the principles of a conservative and God centered nation? Is the Presbyterian Church still a Godly based religon? I think not. To accept a policy that completely goes against the bible’s teachings and loudly professes to condone a philosophy of the gay and lesbian lifestyle then you are no longer a church of God, the Presbyterian Church has now become a worship center focused on something altogether different. Shame on those of you not strong enough in your faith and biblical history to vote for this amendment and fold under the pressures of a society focused on personal freedom at all costs. There’s an old saying my grandmother taught me which still holds true today, “All Evil Needs to Flourish is for Good Men to do Nothing.” I can only pray that we have a few good men and women left who still hold true to their beliefs as written in the bible.