Billboard’s right-to-die message raises eyebrows, concerns in New Jersey

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HILLSIDE, N.J. (RNS) The huge black billboard is hard to miss, looming over a stretch of Route 22 like a harbinger of death, or at least the right to die: “My Life, My Death, My Choice,” The 15-by-49-foot billboard went up June 28, paid for by Final Exit Network, a nationwide group that provides […]

  • ciao

    Death, death, death. Kill, kill, kill. The answer to everything. The easy way out. The final solution. What about life, life, life. Live, live, live. Help people to live a dignified life. The death culture attracts people who like to kill, who are selfish and who view other’s lives as a burden. That’s who’s behind this. And they make a living out of providing Death.

  • We are living in the ‘end times’. We are living in a death culture. The One World people would like very much to downsize the population because it would be easier to manage. We are the generation that will more than likely see the ‘end times’ come to fruition. Too many people keep their heads in the sand and don’t want to face up to the reality of what is really happening. Oh it is so difficult to give up that big house, great paying job, very nice car, and all the other things of this world. It is so difficult to turn our lives over to God Who is in charge of things. It is so difficult to see life as it really is and not humble ourselves to prayer and devotion to God. Yes a lot of us suffer terribly – during life – and as we age and are in the last stages of life. God help us to open our eyes and live until You are ready for us to come home to You. Amen!!

  • john laperuta

    Unfortunately the policies of Adolph Hitler are alive and well and being presented in a more sterile and “humane way” in order to be accepted. Right now they want you to accept euthanasia for the terminally ill.Tommorrow it will be for the handicap and disabled.Then it will be for unproductive or undesirables.Presently it is already this way for the most innocent and defenseless…the unborn.God is the Creator..He is the Lord ,the Giver of Life and the only One who can take it.But man has set himself up above God and has taken the same stance as Satan.Christ Jesus has shown us how to die already.We are called to suffer.When Christ walked the earth He owned absolutely nothing..the only thing He had to share with us,His greatest gift He gave us was His suffering.By suffering we share with Christ and unite ourselves with him on the cross.It is our duty as Christians.Great things can be accomplished through suffering.We may never see the results in the here and now but we will some day.God uses suffering offered up to Him to save souls to heal the wounds of humanity.Satan knows this and hence we have the policies of the godless.The policies of Satan working their way like a cancer into our society.Pray,and when hardships of any kind be they physical,material,etc arise in your life offer them up.Thats why Christ is on the cross.Remember what He said..anyone who wishes to follow me must take up their cross and walk in His footsteps.By choosing euthanasia you are putting down your cross and denying Him.Just what Satan would like.

  • justin rucci

    what are u guys talking about. the people come to the doctors because they want to and they want to end the suffering there in. the doctors are not hunting them down and wanting to kill them, most of them actually advise against assisted suicide and want them to seek further treatment, but the patient wants to end it. and if they want to end thier life you cant deny them that right. you CANNOT! its common sense people

  • Sandra Kemper

    I was not suggesting that doctors are ‘hunting down’ people to kill them. I am saying that God was charitible enough to give us life, and He and only He should be the One who brings us home. It is His decision, not ours. I truly believe with my entire being that ‘asking’ a doctor to help a person to die, is like suicide. Suicide is a mortal sin. Some people suffer greatly for long periods of time during their lifetime and towards the end of their lives. I have a family member who has suffered more than anyone I know and she will never give up until it is time for God to call her home. Personnaly, I don’t like suffering, but I will do as God wishes. His will, not mine. If He wants me to suffer, then I will try my best to carry that burden and offer it up to God for the poor souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them. Each and every one of us has to really search our souls. We live in a death culture and Satan loves nothing better than for us to go against Gods will – and believe me he is hunting down people!!!