Huckabee over Palin et al.

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If I were Mike Huckabee (and planning to run for president in 2012), I’d be happy with the latest Gallup poll. Among the leading GOP contenders, he’s got by far the best ratios of approval to disapproval with both Republican voters and the public at large. With Republicans, it’s better than 6-1 favorable, compared to Palin and Gingrich at under 4-1, and Romney at under 3-1. With the public at large, Huckabee’s close to 2-1 with twice the favorability margin of Romney (+17 versus +8). Both Palin and Gingrich have slightly higher unfavorables than favorables. Huckabee does better than Bobby Jindal too, but nearly half of Republicans and the general public don’t know enough about he latter to have an opinion, so I’ve left him out of account.

  • Mark Silk

    Oops again: Erased following message from Northern Lights.
    “Well here is a surprise! Why is everyone comparing current presidential possibilities with Sarah Palin? The one person who keeps saying she isn’t running. Right now Sarah’s role is to promote the core values of the base – which will increase the negatives of anyone with opposing values. When you run for President, you try to be as non-polarizing as possible. And Huckabee certainly can be bland.
    Compare apples to apples!”

  • clacks

    I sure do like this Mike Huckabee….hope he decides to run 2012.