Gay debate mirrors church dispute, split on slavery

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(RNS) One group of Christians confidently proclaims that a plain reading of the Bible is a slam dunk in their favor. The other side appeals to Scripture’s grand narrative toward freedom and inclusive love. The argument boils over and ripples through the wider culture. The search for middle ground proves futile. Denominations break apart. Sound […]

  • Scholarios-Gennadius

    As an African American clergyman I am continuously appalled by the unsupportable and moral incompatibility of the attempt to compare the murderous and inhumane treatment Africans and their descendants suffered under the yoke of slavery and the unfathomable causes of homosexuality in the socio-moral arena in American and elsewhere. I empathize with the feelings persons embracing alternative lifestyles may experience, however, I see absolutely no logical, moral or biblical connection between the two.