Friday’s roundup

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The faith-healing parents in Oregon who are in court for failing to provide medical care to their infant daughter have pleaded not guilty. An Orthodox priest in Eastern Europe is being investigated for allegedly drowning a baby boy as he baptised him. Newt Gingrich is back at it: gave a speech Thursday where he said, […]

  • “making her fill out typical fortune teller licensing requirements”

    There’s no such thing as a “typical” fortune telling licensing requirement. Across this country the local ordinances vary widely, and Chesterfield County’s are particularly noxious. Requiring background checks, letters of reference, and limiting businesses to the “red light” district with the pay-day loan establishments and adult bookstores. In fact, adult bookstores have fewer hurdles to jump than a fortune teller to open shop.

    The ongoing “psychic wars” have been going on quietly for years. With some towns getting bans overturned, and others enacting them, or raising the hurdles towards opening a divination-oriented establishment. Whether mainstream religious journalists acknowledge it or not, this is a large, sprawling, religion story. Especially now when several minority faiths that practice divination are growing and entering the mainstream. Everyone needs to move past the stereotypical image of crooked cons removing “curses” for exorbitant sums, and realize that the face of this industry has slowly changed in the last generation.

    I hope the RNS takes the time to really look into this situation.