Liturgy and Puppets

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I have to admit: my GoogleReader has a very eclectic assortment of websites and blogs. I’ve noticed a recent trend in one blog about vestments, liturgy, and, oddly enough, the use of giant puppets. Here is one video, from the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s recent General Assembly in Minneapolis, that demonstrates the idea: Yup, those are […]

  • Puppets[ public appearances by superheros and cartoon characters, wet t-shirt contests, female mud wrestling… whatever draws them into the church and gets money into the coffers, it’s all good.

    Religion is a business like any other. They need to market their product, generate excitement, and adapt to changing interests or become irrelevant and go belly up.

    I see this as a good sign. It implies religions are becoming desperate to hang onto / attract their clientele, lest they become seduced by reason and 21st century thinking.

  • Jeremy Spiers

    Many pentecostal churches have “puppet ministries.” I have attended two and participated in one myself. This may be a new idea for high churches, but the rest of us have done it for a long time. In fact, Christian bookstores here in TN sell puppets for puppet ministries.