Religion: Jedi Knight

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[Priest]: May The Force be with you. [Response]: And also with you. Did George Lucas accidentally create a new religion? Unlike in the U.S., the National Census of Canada contains a question on religion that is asked every 10 years. The entire census is optional, including the religion question. In the 2001 Canadian census, however, […]

  • You have your facts wrong. As of the last decennial census, both the “short form” (sent to all households) and the “long form” (sent to 20% of households and which includes the religion question) were NOT optional.

    The reason this bizarre statistic is in the news is that our government proposes to make the long form optional whicle distributing it to more households and running an ad campaign to encourage people to fill it out anyway. This is typical neo-conservatism – spend more money to get something that is less reliable.

    In defending the government’s census insensibility, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson quoted this statistic in an effort to discredit the long form census.

  • Mark Hudson

    Jedi Knights? We have traded reality for fantasy, the Kingdom of God for Disneyworld, smurfs for angels. I think I will stick with Jesus, the Son of the Living God, the undisputed, historically based Way, Truth, and Life, whose resurrection was witnessed by hundreds, whose martyrs number in the thousands, and followers in the milllions over 2000 years. Any of these deceived Jedi warriors willing to lay down their lives for their “leader.” Or do they have one? No wonder the world is such a mess with people’s pop (poop) culture “religions.” Give me Truth any day. The consequences are more predictable. Mark Hudson

  • To: Mark Hudson

    There are all kinds of fallacious statements in your posting, not one is supportable with onjective evidence. Albeit, by substituting “Allah”, “Paradise”, and “Allah’s last Prophet Mohammed”, ostensibly everything you wrote could be similarly expressed by a Muslim. That should tell you something.

    Your acceptence of christianity is as much based on fantasy as any other religion, past or present and your embracing of Jesus is as valid as any other mythical man-god or creature past or present. That it happens to be YOUR fantasy is why you cannot discern the difference.

    Your Jesus is “undisputed”? It’s disputed by Hindus, Muslims, Jews, wiccans, animists, and every other religion on the planet which combined represents 2/3rds of the Earth’s population. It’s only “undisputed” to you and your fellow Christian believers.

    The resurrection was witnessed by no one, else the Bible would claim to have eye witnesses. The aleged observation of a post death Jesus is undocumented except by the writers of the Bible, none of who were themselves eye witnesses to a post death jesus’ appearance, simply passing on hearsay. There are no other independent documenmted sources that attest to seeing the resurrection, or a post death Jesus alive out of the so called “hundreds” you cite. No coincidence there; it should tell you something.

    Dying for a myth and a lie is rather common. That the Holocaust claimed 6 million Jews doesn’t attest to their faith being “True.” That 58000 Americans died in Vietnam doesn’t endorse the subsequently proven error of the “Domino Theory.” That cultists drink cynide tainted kool aid, or otherwise kill themselves for their belief or at the behest of their leaders doesn’t make their belief “true.” If it did, Muslims would have as much claim to truth by number of martyrs as Christians. That should tell you something.

    This fascination and obsession with dying and death… as a validation for belief is rather peculiar to the Abrahamic religions, especially Christianity. It’s a veritable death cult. Seems to it would be more logical that one would best preserve their belief/doctrine by havcing the OTHER guys die for THEIR beliefs / doctrine.

    As for giving you the “Truth”, it’s evident from your attributing the world’s problems to the lack of sharing of your preferred religous delusion that you neither want nor can handle the truth. Your Christian “Truth” ruled the civilized world during the Dark Ages; my guess is you’d not want to have lived during those times. Especially if you were a Jew, a non-believer, or a non-warrior.

    Read more history, think more independently, live life on your feet and not on your knees. Your contribiution to society would be the better for it.

  • PS: May the Farce of religion Not be with you.