Why the Prop 8 ruling scares religious conservatives

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(RNS) When U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker struck down California’s Proposition 8 on Wednesday (Aug. 4), he said voters’ motivation for outlawing gay marriage was clear. “The evidence shows conclusively that moral and religious views form the only basis for a belief that same-sex couples are different from opposite-sex couples,” Walker wrote in his sweeping, […]

  • Thair

    ACCORN. USCCB. “Proportionate reason”, to choose death. nuff said.
    We have become death. The destroyer of nations. The murderer of souls. Pray for us,”The Way, The Truth and The Life”. Our in personna, You, obviously do not know the Way.

  • vin

    It boggles my mind that in this day and age, there are those who do not understand that some things cannot be accepted because society itself will suffer in the lng run. Pursuit of happiness is supposed to be available to all, but when that pursuit is in the interest of the individual alone, it should be analyzed and re-analyzed. Homosexual acts have absolutely no value except to those engaged in them. How do they halp society, children, families, etc. Accordingly, no law is necessary for people intent on practicing this life style. AS far as economics, it seems they have as many rights as anyone else without marrying. Trying to force people to accept something that is contrary to their beliefs is domination in it’s most violent form.

  • Harold Crews

    Evidently this judge believes in private moral judgment for himself but not for the voters of California. Is it not a moral judgment that homosexuality isn’t immoral and destructive of society. The heart of any social question is a moral presumption.

    A homosexual has the very same right to marry as a heterosexual. A gay man can marry any woman who is willing to marry and a lesbian can marry any man who is willing to marry. It is not the fault of the people of California that whether by quick of life (whether upbringing, genetic or a combination) that most homosexuals don’t wish to marry someone of the opposite sex.

    Lastly I’m licensed in a couple of states myself (not California). The basis of review for this case was a rational basis. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a law being overturned with that standard of review. Apparently the United States no longer has the rule of law but of men.

  • Betty

    I am speechless, this is the dumbest reasoning I’ve ever heard of. I’m not good at expressing myself but, are not our ACTIONS based on MORALS, no morals no laws..plain and simple. The government, politics etc. has ruined life completely. They see and do not see, completely blinded by self.

  • Chris

    Seems as if the ruling establishes a new state sponsored religion – secularism.


  • Winkby

    The judge should have recluse himself from this case it I’d my understanding the judge is an active opened homosexual…talk about biasness on the higest level. The judge is actively creating law from his bench and ruled without merit or presidence purely argumentive basis no matter what the pages length it’s all BS. I believe he should be brought before the review of peers and impeached. There is no basis for his decision not even under natural law. Laws are perfect and just to the degree and extent it reflects God’s statutes and decrees. These imperfections in jurisprudence leads to violations in human dignity, human life, and human liberty. These appleheads are willing to warp the checks and balance of our govt branches to affect their evil ends.

  • L B

    “Walker devotes several pages in his ruling to identifying religion as a prime source of anti-gay animus, listing examples from the Vatican and the Southern Baptist Convention, and noting that 84 percent of weekly churchgoers voted in favor of Prop 8, according to a CNN exit poll.” If 84% of weekly churchgoers–and their churches–happen to also support, say, free elections or home-ownership, does that mean those should now be tossed out as well?

  • ciao

    Judge Walker’s reasoning for his ruling has much more to it than is being covered by mainstream news. The judge quoted social sciences and psychologists to answer questions about the effects on children adopted or raised by homosexual couples. Cybercast News service (CNS News) article quotes Walker’s own statement when he says, “a child does not need a mother, nor does it have the right to a father.” see (CNSNews.com) Augus 9, 2010 By Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief. And also in Walker’s quotes that he based his ruling on, there were few studies done on gay fathers. Please read the article, it’s very revealing about where this judge is coming from and what unstable arguments he bases his judgment on. Again the children are left out off the decisions effecting their lives.

  • Rose

    Uh, how about 5000 years of civilization has always considered marriage between man and women, this isn’t just a Christian thing. Ask a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or any other culture. Using fake science in the chambers too? This sounds like the same set up as Roe v Wade.
    This judge is full of himself and needs to be disbared. He doesn’t consider Justice as blind, he milks it wih all kinds of emotions and euphamism.

  • Della

    Call it whatever you want but there is no such thing as marriage between 2 of the same sex. God created us male and female and if you are not happy withn that arrangement talk to God about it. All kind of excuses can be made, and Christians are badgered to give up their beliefs. SORRY
    If you want to commit to the same sex go ahead but just leave the word Marriage out of it. Find another suitabe word but marriage is the commitment of one male and one female for life in the sacrament of Marriage. Call us homo-whatever but don’t try to change our beliefs.

  • Frank

    I think the judge needs a basic course in biology.

  • Ziggy

    I think the judge needs a basic course in Law

  • Winkyb

    The judge also need a course in biostatics and analyzing the validity of research and data and articles. Everyone in the medical industry knows the mental health industry and academia is corrupted with LGTB agenda and threw out of its diagnotic manuel that homosexuality is a mental disorder…mental health disciplines largely ignore any moral compass…doesn’t incorporate any spiritual component in treatment plan…very secular in modality and treatment option…wrongful or inappropiate acts is identified by civil law or consensus…never a moral basis or divine principle. A godlessness and without religion of kind however will embrace pagan and deity practices and concepts in treatment.

  • Gay supporter

    Everyone keeps saying that marriage is Gods Will.. It is Gods will that men and women marry ONLY.. What about those of us who do not believe in God? You do not think we have the right to our opinion? We do not have the right to enjoy in the benefits of our government under marriage? This is the reason there must be a separation of state and religion. If i can receive benefits under marriage from our government then Marriage has nothing to do with religion…..If a state offers marriage license then Religion must keep out of Marriage. DO NOT MIX THE TWO! Do not push your beliefs on me.

  • Ziggy

    Gay Supporter,
    You are sadly walking in the dark and desperately trying to drag others into that world with you (I expect to validate your confused opinion). Tell me; is Atheism not your religion? Is “Thou shalt not kill” a law only for those who believe in God then? Religion always has play into how society functions and the laws there in. Laws are put in place as boundaries for those who may not understand the natural consequences of breaking those laws. I would suggest you have no idea of the consequences your train of thought will bring… but if society continues to hurl down this path, you will. Hang on!

  • Luke

    Raise your voices up against tyrants. Kangaroo Judge Wicked Walker’s email address is: VRWpo@cand.uscourts.gov

  • married without god

    Marriage is a legal agreement, PERIOD. How it is entered into is where it becomes a point of religious approval.

    I am married. At no point was a higher power used as a basis for my marriage nor will it ever.

    Homosexuals are simply asking for the legal agreement, equal to the heterosexual agreement. Whether YOUR churches choose to marry a man and a man or a woman and a woman is up to them, and you.

    If you want to attack anyone, it’s people like me, who bypass your entire belief system and are still getting all the legal benefits.