Friday’s roundup

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Evangelist Franklin Graham tells CNN that President Obama isn’t a Muslim now (1 in 4 Americans seem to think so) but he was born one. The White House is in damage control overdrive on those numbers, or denial mode, according to the Washington Times. Presidential prayer counselor Joel Hunter says Obama’s silence on his faith […]

  • Kevin…you have this way of writing that either intentionally or acccidently distort information.

    Above it says: “Muslims’ First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, meanwhile, are a “stab in the heart,” Palin has said.”

    Uh…no she didn’t. YOU are saying it. She said the following in reference to Obama’s statement on the mosque:
    “He just doesn’t get it, that this is an insensitive move by those Muslims that want to build a mosque in this location,” “That feels like a stab in the heart collectively of Americans who still have that lingering pain from 9/11.”

    The insensitivity of the muslim Imam pushing this project, and Obama’s carelessly worded statement which caused him to back peddle are at issue; not Muslim’s first amendment rights to practice their religion or even to build their mosque. There rights are sacrosanct, but their lack of sensitivity to a vast majority of American’s who still greive for the 911 victims who died at the hands of their muslim brethrenis epic. THAT is the gist of her comment.

    Now, I am no supporter of the vapid Mrs. Palin, teabaggers, the Christian Right, or the Republican party. I am, however, a supporter of accuracy and honesty. There is a big difference between your and her statement. They are worlds apart. It would be obvious to a child. It should be obvious to a qualified journalist.

  • By the way, Kevin:
    “… Presidential prayer counselor Joel Hunter…”

    Where did you come up with the title “presidential prayer counselor”?
    Is that an official titlwe, or one you invented for one of the five clergy Obama has established as a spiritual advisory board (whatever the hell that is)?

    Kevin, you’ve got Christians reading your posts. They are prone to accept at face anything they read here because of their gullibility. You are misguiding these sheep into believing Obama has an official “prayer counselor.” Can you please think before you let your creative urges overshadow the truth and reason.

    Thank you