Thursday’s roundup

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More than 70 Christian leaders, including heads of denominations and evangelical heavyweights, say they are “deeply troubled” by the questioning of President Obama’s Christian faith. “We understand that these are contentious times,” the leaders say in an open letter, “but the personal faith of our leaders should not be up for debate.” The GOP is […]

  • leah N

    My husband was one of those that they picked up by immigration he’s Cuban and was home taking care of his daughter he’s on probation only because he “found” a GPS he did not mug any one hurt any one just found it and instead of turning it in and I know 85% off Americans now of days would have done the same they consider that a gross misdemeanor and for that bad decision we have suffered for years this happen before our daughter was even thought of now she’ll be 2 in a few months and we don’t even know if he will be here to celebrate. they sent officers to my job and then my home looking for him as if he had killed some one. They would not even let him give his daughter water while they where waiting for me to get home, They having her terrified with 12 cops in my home and then hauling him off like he was a harden criminal saying he’s part of a gang let me tell he’s not if any knows I would know I live with him he doesn’t even have a small tattoo nothing he doesn’t and has never claimed any gang tell me what harden gang member stays home and takes care of there daughter every day and goes with out so much so that she can have the things she needs also he never goes out at nigh he’s always home with us watching a movie or helping me cook or clean the house he’s not out in the street he’s never done any drugs not even weed thats not his style he’s very much a family guy a husband and a father and now they have turned me into a single struggling mother and our daughter with out her father I don’t know how I’m going to pay this months bills and now have to pay a babysitter. having to wake her up so early and going to bed so late and the stress is to much to handle. I know other Moms have to do it but why should I when I have a man that has stepped up to the plate and taken responsibility for his family. There doing him so wrong and taken his rights away from him yes he has his permanent residence card and visa passport yet he’s been locked up for over a week and still has not seen a judge and there telling him its a another 3 weeks before its his turn to even see if he should be there. Come on he’s Cuban he’s not going to swim back to Cuba why they couldn’t set a court date and had us go and then if we didn’t then put a warrant out or have his probation office take him in if he didn’t follow what they wanted no they just had to rip him away from his family to sit in a cell for a month to then decide what to do with him and since he’s Cuban and can not be deported he has to be released any way so there just waisting tax payers money on some one that they cant hold for ever and cant deport. come one I’m sure there’s worse guys out there then some one that didn’t turn in a GPS he found.