Rolling Stone calls Tebow ‘hyper-Christian’

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Tim Tebow is the subject of Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi this month, who equates the football star with anti-gay bigotry in Colorado. “Tim Tebow’s hyper-Christian aw-shucks persona is not easy to like, and the fact that it so perfectly fits in with the huge masses of gay-hating Focus on the Family types in Colorado […]

  • Isn’t it interesting how the most religiously deluded consider it intolerant “anti-Christian bigotry” when they are rightly and accurately denounced and exposed as the archaic, intolerant and narrow minded fanatics they are.
    But they see their own intolerance, narrowmindedness, and desire to truncate the freedoms and happiness of some 10% of the US population as doing God’s work.
    Hypocrites or imbeciles

  • I too find Tebow tough to stomach. Mainly because watching him in college made everyone I was with, including myself want to vomit. All of his games at Florida for some reason paled in comparison to how wonderfully christian he was for the announcers. There wasn’t a play that they didn’t talk about how he was such a great young man because of how strong his beliefs were. I’m all for people believing what they want but the football field is not a church. It is a place where people can come together and watch 22 guys knock the crap out of each other. And while many athletes attribute their success to whatever god(s) they worship, all of their success is the result of getting in the weight room, good coaching and solid execution. Let’s keep the football field as what it is, a football field while the praising of whatever lord you believe in comes before the coin toss and after the final whistle.

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  • I cant understand the main theme.