Tuesday’s roundup

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Atheists and agnostics know more about religion than Roman Catholics and other Christians, according to new study conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Mormons and Jews did pretty well on the survey, but more than half of Protestants could not identify Martin Luther as the man who started the Protestant Reformation. […]

  • So, Daniel…I read this story twice: “Another elderly parishioner was murdered outside a Roman Catholic Church in Youngstown, Ohio, the second shooting this year at the church.”

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any mention of a church shooting, much less a shooting outside a catholic church. One murder was by arson, the other the person was driving in their car and shot. Was that person driving by a catholic church at the time? If so how is this “religious news?”

    So either you provided the wrong link; have information we don’t have; or you are inventing news. Which?

  • Daniel

    This link provides more information about the story you question. Suffice it to say, we’re not making anything up. Two people who belong to the same church being shot at or just outside that church is religious news.


  • The answer to my question is:you provided the wrong link to the news story you were discussing.
    You’re welcome.

  • Ok, read the story. The earlier killing was a purse snatching gone bad; the most recent seems to be gang related/mistaken identity.
    This in a town that’s rife with crime, abandoned houses, and high unemployment.

    Far be it from me to play editor but the fact that these unfortunate instances took place in a church parking lot, and while driving away from a church service is not “religious news.” It would be religious news if the implication was that Catholics were being targeted, thus a hate crime. But it is nothing like that.

    The fact that these two incidents happened in proximity to a church and that both victims were parishoners is incidental and doesn’t make it “religious news” any more than had these incidents occurred in a national park would it be called “environmental news.”

  • Kevin Eckstrom


    Fair enough — but the local bishop considered it “religious news” enough to issue a statement on it.

    We cover news and events surrounding religious institutions. It’s not everyday someone (or 2 someones) gets killed in or near a church parking lot. And it’s especially not everyday that it happens at or near the same church.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Daniel


    If two environmentalists were killed in a national park within a year, wouldn’t that be “environmental news” — that is, news of interest and use to environmentalists?

    Likewise, these were parish members who were killed; hence their death is of interest Religion News Service.


  • Ok Daniel. Your call.
    and no.. a person being robbed and killed and another being shot at random would not be covered as “environmental news” in any of the outdoor / environmental organizational publications to which I subscribe. It would be part of the presiding police department’s blotter unless there was reason to believe that campers/hikers/environmentalists were specifically being targeted for their particular interest by “anti’s” or a competeing state park’s patrons.

    Two people being killed months apart outside of a bar that they frequented daily wouldn’t be reported in the Bartender’s Magazine http://www.bartender.com/home.htm. But I’ve enever been drug, alcohol, or religion dependent so what do I know.

    Anyway, I suppose we’ve scourged this to death.

    Best regards,