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Five members of the Supreme Court joined Vice President Biden for the annual Red Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington. Four of the court’s six Catholic justices attended the Mass (Sotomayor and Kennedy did not) and Breyer, who is Jewish, did. The sermon delivered by Vatican mucky muck Archbishop Joseph […]

  • I am a nonreligious, independent scholar of the Bible and author of 5 books exploring the corrupt teachings of Bible-based religions. The first mistake of Christianity, Judaism and Islam is literalism. They teach that scripture is the literal word of God, but scripture teaches that the literal word is “dead” and “kills” the spiritual message. We are to look beyond literalism to the spiritual substance of the message. Let us not perceive God in the image of a literal man that favors Christians over all others or favors Muslims over all others. God is an invisible spirit, the Spirit of Selfless or Brotherly Love. The entirety of the Bible boils down to 2 things: to love the Selfless Spirit; and to love your neighbor as yourself. In other words, honoring God and doing His Will has nothing whatsoever to do with your religion (or lack of), but is entirely about your character personifying Selfless Love over selfishness. How many more centuries must pass before that core, critical revelation is taught from the world’s pulpits?

    Idolaters have infected Ground Zero. One group is dominantly Christian that has sanctified Ground Zero, making it a holy place that must reject the building of a Muslim holy place nearby because, after all, Muslims were responsible for the horrors of 9-11. The other group at Ground Zero are the mosque idolaters—the ones that want their Islamic holy place, their mosque, to be built near Ground Zero, because they have the legal right to build it there.

    Both groups of idolaters have fallen into the same pit, as both want their “holy places” respected, thereby denying their beloved holy scripture. The Bible reveals that the holiest place of God on Earth is not a building made of stone, but is within you when you personify Selfless Love over selfishness. The Qu’ran agrees, revealing that there are those that build mosques to create division, advising not to follow them because God’s mosque is not of the world, but is a spiritual place inhabited by those that build their lives upon goodness.

    Which group of idolaters shall put an end to this conflict by taking the “high road” of honoring the truest “holy place” and exemplifying Brotherly Love? Neither so far, because fear rules over them. One group fears the nearby presence of a mosque and the other group fears the lack of its presence. Both refuse to exemplify the Spirit that knows no fear. Why fear the presence of a nearby mosque? Why fear the lack of its presence?

    Christianity, Judaism and Islam have, throughout history, sanctified worldly things like religious relics and plots of land, establishing these “holy things” not to propagate the Holy Spirit of Brotherly Love, but to propagate THEIR separatist, fearful, holier-than-thou dogma that always boils down to Us-versus-Them. We see it happening with the idolaters at Ground Zero right now.

    Though I shall never be a Christian or member of any religion, Jesus is my hero, whether He existed or not, because He is unlike any other heroic figure. He calls the business of religion a “den of thieves” and tells us He would rather we be heretics that personify Selfless Love than holy priests that do not. The Way of God has nothing to do with one’s religion, but is entirely about one’s character.

    If the world’s Christians, Muslims and Jews all followed just the First Commandment of loving the Spirit of Selfless Love (‘God’) before all else then peace would reign over them, naturally.

  • Pretty adept at looking into the hearts of other people, are we?

  • My work above has nothing to do with looking into the hearts of others. I cannot imagine how you made that conclusion. The “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy is about the difference between the worship of literal “holy places” and worshiping the holiest place of God, which is a spiritual estate of Selfless or Brotherly Love. If the Christians truly honored the Spirit of God they would worship God’s Holiest Place and pour out Brotherly Love, having no fear of a nearby mosque. If the Muslims truly honored the Spirit of God they too would pour out Brotherly Love, having no fear of building their mosque elsewhere. Which group shall love their neighbor as themselves and take the “higher road” in the matter?
    Thank you kindly. Blessings.

  • “My work above has nothing to do with looking into the hearts of others. I cannot imagine how you made that conclusion.”

    Yes, I know. What you wrote pretty conclusively proves that you don’t need to look into the hearts of others ~ you already know what’s there. I’m a bit less adept than that ~ I have to wait until someone shows me what’s there. By, for instance, writing it out somewhere.