Palestinians Miss an Opportunity

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Of course Bibi Netanyahu’s offer
to stop settlement construction if the Palestinian leadership “will say
unequivocally to its people that
it recognizes Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people,” was
designed to be rejected. And the Palestinian leadership immediately went
ahead and rejected it.

What would have been smart would have been to accept it. As In:

we recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. And we also
recognize it as a democratic state where all its citizens have equal
rights as citizens–just as the new bill before the Knesset says. And
you know what, for Israeli Arabs, its their homeland too. Actually those
people and their relatives are, like, Palestinians. OK? So now stop the

That would have thrown the Netanyahu government into a complete tizzy. And maybe even led to some progress in the peace talks.

  • I wonder why the Palestinians don’t just say, “It’s not our business what Israel defines itself as. If it wants to define itself as a Jewish state, that’s it’s business but it doesn’t need our blessing.
    “After all, they can’t even decide what it means to be a Jewish state because they only let Orthodox rabbis define that — much to the rejection of the vast majority of Jews outside of Israel. Also, our job is to find a way to live in peace with the State of Israel, which we obviously recognize because we’re negotiating with it.
    “They, too, have recognized the concept of a future Palestinian state. We don’t expect them to define what it means to be a Palestinian citizen and they shouldn’t expect us to define what it means to be an Israeli.”
    Complicated and nuanced for sure, but it seems to me that would score more points within and without of the Jewish and non-Jewish world outside of Israel.