DADT Declared Unconstitutional

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“Once again,” stated the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins “an activist federal judge is using the military to advance a
liberal social agenda, disregarding the views of all four military
service chiefs and the constitutional role of Congress.” But not the views of the Commander in Chief, the Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Be it noted as well that the House of Representatives voted to repeal Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell in May. And that the Senate would have done the same had not Senate Republicans, in deference to the likes of Perkins, filibustered the bill. And that allowing gays to serve openly in the military is part of a liberal social agenda that Americans now support by a two-to-one margin.

Under the circumstances, the Justice Department would seem to have more than ample grounds for departing from its usual practice and letting the judge’s injunction stand unappealed.

  • I would prefer us to introduce a bill called “Don’t ask, who cares?”
    After all, the special forces of Israel and Great Britain — two militaries known for pulling off legendary feats — can survive with homosexuals, it seems to me that the United States can do so.
    It’s acceptable and understandable for people with strong fundamentalist religious views to reject a gay lifestyle. But I’m still not convinced that gays in the barracks — which are far from venues where there are rampant sexual escapades — can actually matter.