Wednesday’s roundup

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As the Chilean miners make their way up from the underground, one miner says we have all miscounted the number of beings down in the shaft. “There are actually 34 of us,” he wrote, “because God has never left us down here.” So that’s where He’s been. Seventh-day Adventists sent mini-Bibles with magnifying glasses, evangelicals […]

  • YOU KNEW this was coming! Naturally (or is that “unnaturally”?) to the superstitiously infected the Great Boogieman’s magic trumps human ingenuity, committment, and technology. Why am I not surprised?

    One has to wonder: would they have blamed the same Boogieman if the minors had all died? Would it have been the prayers and incantations of the faithful shaman that saved 1/2 of them had 50% of the miners perished? Would it stll be a miracle of god if only one miner lived and the others died? The answers are: No, Yes and yes. The great all and powerful Oz can never do wrong. And it seems humanity, and reality never garner the credit.

    And now the fight begins over which mindless religious cult gets credit for the miner’s lives? Checking my calendar just to make sure I’m still in the 21st century.