After teen suicides, gay opponents look inward

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(RNS) When Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi killed himself after his roommate allegedly broadcast his sexual encounter with another man, the Rev. R. Albert Mohler wondered if anything could have prevented the 18-year-old’s suicide. “Tyler could just have well been one of our own children,” said Mohler, a father of two and president of Southern […]

  • Attenhofer, Hope

    While this article is great… I have problems with this:

    “Christians have got to stop talking about people struggling with sexual issues as a tribe apart.”

    “Struggling with sexual issues?” There would be no struggle with sexual issues if they were not treated like they were ‘sin, deviant, an abomination’.

    Let’s put down the decision that these folks are ‘choosing’ their orientation and begin to engage and challenge all thinking (including God’s love) from this lens. I beg of you. PLEASE seriously take time to really reflect from a place that sees these folks as truly being who they are; not choosing a ‘lifestyle’.

    Wrestle with that.

    In fact, turn the table on yourself. Think of when you CHOSE to be straight. When did that happen? What if you were to BE other than that. Could you? What if everything and everyone said you were just choosing this. That you could stop. That if you prayed hard enough and long enough you could be healed. Afterall, you really should want this because if you don’t … you’ll go to hell.

    I say….. all of us who do not accept those for where they are at… fully in who they say they are without regard for who we think they should be… we are going to hell.

    Hug an ‘other’ today!