How many versions of the Bible do we really need?

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(RNS) If you stacked all the Bibles sitting in American homes, the tower would rise 29 million feet, nearly 1,000 times the height of Mount Everest. More than 90 percent of American households own a Bible, and the average family owns three, according to pollsters at the Barna Group. The American Bible Society hands out […]

  • Aidan

    To many translations of the Bible is not only confusing for Christians but turns the would-be believers away to look for God somewhere else. I read the King James Version and think all Christian denominations should adopt it as the bases of their teachings so that more unity of faith and understanding can be reached in the Christian world.

  • Jerome

    This article deal with niche Bibles and new translations, but doesn’t mention the other aspect of Bible marketing: appearance and print quality. Most niche Bibles, for instance (as well as most “normal” Bibles), will be published in numerous editions: paper, cloth, imitation leather, genuine leather (and other variations); compact, regular and large print; black, burgundy, brown, other colors and multiple versions of “duo-tone”; various cover textures, patterns and images; etc., etc. It has reached the point that every Christian retailer has had the experience of customers choosing Bibles based on how well they match purses or shoes.

    The number of different features by now runs easily into the hundreds — yet in most bookstores it can actually be a challenge just to find a simple text Bible that’s NOT a “red letter” edition.

  • Thanks for the interesting article. Thought you might like to know that it was featured on one of my recent blog posts…

  • Lenny

    This article just appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newpaper on Saturday December 11, 2010. You can substitute the word Protestant Churches for the word bible in the story and the article would still read the same. It’s dumbfounding that throughout the whole article the Catholic Church was not even mentioned once. When, historically, it is the Church that compliled the books that comprised the bible and has safegaurded it for 1500 years before the printing press was invented.