The faith-based campaign of Aqua Buddha

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Chris Cilliza over at WaPo’s The Fix is asking whether Kentucky’s Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway “went too far” in his recent ad about the stranger parts of opponent Rand Paul‘s biography (Conway’s campaign ad, below). Paul, for one, thinks yes. From the AP’s coverage of Sunday’s Kentucky duel: “Those who stoop to the level […]

  • Ah!! Religion and politics. I’m waiting for the day that some “true” Christian accuses another of being the anti-Christ. Oh wait, they already did that to Obama during the 2008 campaign. What is it about religion that causes people and political candidates to act like imbecilic jerks? Or is it just that imbecilic jerks embrace religion in disproportionate numbers?

    A pox on all of them.

  • AmareF

    In assault advertisements and throughout a debate last night, Rand Paul has been battling the specter of Aqua Buddha. The NoZe brotherhood was a small grouping of college students Rand Paul was a part of at Baylor. The group was founded to cause aggravation for the administration. The questioned tales of the NoZe Brotherhood cover a wide range of exploits. One of the many tales is that they kidnapped a woman and requested her to “worship the Aqua Buddha”.